Best PMP online Bootcamp in 2022

A PMP certification is an ideal solution for professionals looking forward to climbing up their career ladder. It can dramatically increase your salary and make you better at tackling projects. You will find all the details in this article if you are looking for the best PMP Online Bootcamp. 

But before that, you must understand the benefits of enrolling in an online PMP Bootcamp.

An online PMP Bootcamp emphasizes an innovative and result-oriented study. The approach enables students to receive the best training. Since experts curate the training content, much thought goes into making it relevant.

A PMP online Bootcamp will follow a systematic learning plan with sequences to make it easier for learners to grasp different concepts. The in-depth program will offer a holistic knowledge of PMP certification training. The study plan will be prepared per learners’ requirements to cover precisely everything they should know about the field.

  • Interactive sessions with experts

An online PMP Bootcamp is the perfect opportunity to interact with industry experts. Learners will be able to gain huge value from the wisdom of the industry experts associated with different PMI chapters. All learners will have a fair idea of the different applications of PMP.

The interactive sessions are also great networking opportunities to get a massive break in your career. An industry expert might choose you to work closely with them or recommend you to some top shots in the industry. If you are fortunate, you can add some of them as trustworthy references to your resume. 

  • Full-length simulated exams

A major advantage of a PMP online Bootcamp is the full-length simulated exams. It enables the faculty to evaluate the standing of each learner. The learners also gain a thorough self-evaluation and understand which areas need more focus on their part. 

The simulated tests are also good practice for the original exam. It ensures that learners acquire time management skills to score well in the actual exam and pass with flying colors. Moreover, the simulated exams also enable learners to get rid of anxiety during the original exam.

Access to Better Career Opportunities

An online PMP Bootcamp will increase your marketability. You can reach global companies in different corners of the world. The certification at the Bootcamp will make you more credible as a project manager. 

The certification will also help you withdraw a six-figure income. Project managers with a PMP certification earn around $120,000 per year. The salary of certified PMPs is at least 25% more than that of non-certified ones. 

  • In-Depth training

Anyone studying for their PMP certification needs to use the PMBOK book. The book sheds light on various concepts but does not explain them in detail. Several learners struggle with getting the hang of the book.

But a PMP online Bootcamp will offer in-depth resources to develop knowledge about various concepts. Learners must memorize different processes, process groups, and other knowledge areas. Using cheat sheets and tips is an easy method to recall different knowledge areas quickly. 

PMP brain dump strategies are a catalyst for computer-based tests. The strategy revolves around writing down a few important notes before the beginning of the exam. The noted-down information is a quick reference during the rest of the exam. 

The strategy is useful for minimizing the time to answer questions accurately. It will ensure that learners can maintain a smooth state of flow during the exam. The strategy acts as a boon, particularly during the second half of the exam when concentration levels start dropping.

  • Focused on active learning and skill improvement

Communication is a crucial skill for every project management professional. But they also need to possess various other business skills. An online PMP Bootcamp follows a proactive approach to educating learners and improving their skills.

A PMP online Bootcamp will help learners acquire leadership skills. Besides, learners also become equipped to manage projects and the risks associated with them. Stakeholder management is also another crucial lesson from an online PMP program.

Learners acquire in-depth knowledge about the concepts and the ability to implement them. They get to work on multiple industry projects to apply the acquired knowledge. It prepares them for the professional world. 

UMass Post Graduate Program in Project Management

The UMass PMP online Bootcamp is one of the best value-for-money programs in the market. The program is an opportunity to learn from the top faculty of UMass Amherst. The program is for 6 months and costs Rs 9,372 per month. 

If you are worried about the expenses, the good news is that you can avail yourself of no-cost EMI. You can earn a joint Simplilearn-UMass Amherst certificate of completion. Learners will also have access to an official membership in the UMass Amherst Alumni Association.  

UMass collaborates with Simplilearn to offer career advice to learners enrolled in the online Bootcamp. The course is perfect for strengthening your resume with guidance from industry experts. Learners will also be able to attend mock interviews to answer technical questions better. 

The skills covered in the PMP online Bootcamp include agile management, digital transformation, design thinking, project management, project risk management, and more. The tools covered inside the boot camp include Jira, Microsoft Office, Minitab, and more. Learners also get to work on four main and two capstone industry projects during the program. 


Learners must possess a bachelor’s degree in any discipline to enroll in the PMP online Bootcamp. The program is open to learners with management as well as non-management programs. Project/ program/ product engineers, managers, and professionals can enroll to acquire the right skills and accelerate their career paths. 

Closing thoughts

Enroll in the best PMP online Bootcamp today and become ready to explore new career opportunities. The program will develop your skills and improve your industry knowledge to make you the ideal employer choice. 

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