What if Everyone Planted a Tree Every Year?

One tree-planting campaign can roughly plan more than a billion trees each year. However, there are 8 billion people in the world, what if each of us planted a tree every year? Is that going to make a massive change to the world? Is that possible? Let’s find out together in today’s article!

Can ‘One Person – One Tree’ Make Everything Better?

Many people are still somewhat unclear about how trees can carry such a vital mission. And, if people don’t clearly understand the benefits of trees, how can they be convinced of the idea of planting trees?

Carbon dioxide, as well as other greenhouse gases, are the main causes of global warming. They are heat traps that prevent Earth’s heat from escaping into space, making the Earth warmer and warmer.

That’s why we need more trees. Trees provide oxygen, contribute to purifying and absorbing pollutants from the air. The photosynthesis process of trees helps them to continuously absorb carbon dioxide and produce fresh oxygen for the atmosphere.

Depending on the type of tree as well as its growth rate, the amount of carbon dioxide a tree can absorb can vary. 

Basically, an average tree can absorb about 50 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.  

If we plan trees steadily, and if all trees survive, it could go up to 240,000,000,000 trees within 30 years. This number of trees can absorb approximately 5,450,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide, about 3% of the annual carbon dioxide produced by basic human activities. 

Now, the idea of ‘one person one tree’ definitely sounds a lot more interesting, doesn’t it?

Is ‘One Person – One Tree’ Possible?

Indeed, if everyone on earth planted a tree every year, it would not only solve environmental problems but also many other problems related to economy, culture, and society. 

It might be difficult for the idea to be practical. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It’s just that organizations and individuals will need to work a little harder and work together.

Is ‘One Person - One Tree’ Possible

Many tree-planting campaigns of different scales under the idea of ‘one person – one tree’ have actually been carried out. In the city of Orlando, the local government has launched a tree planting campaign encouraging each resident to plant a tree around the city. This has helped increase the city’s tree canopy from 25% to 40%, making Orlando a much more liveable city.

At the beginning of 2019, another campaign called “One birthday, one tree” was also launched in the Guinea capital Conakry. Within a year, nearly 1000 trees have been planted in the capital.

These are just the 2 most impressive examples of all the ‘one person – one tree’ campaigns out there. Yet, effectively putting the idea into practice takes time, better propaganda, and more enthusiastic participation. So again, I wouldn’t say it is impossible. I would say it hasn’t come true just yet, and we are well on our way to making it happen.

How Can We Do That?

Actually you can contribute to making this idea a reality anywhere, anytime. All you need is a little initiative and positivity.

Plant Your Own Trees

At the end of the day, it all depends on the engagement of the individuals. As long as you’re willing to plant a tree, you can plant it anywhere. In your yard, around your home, or in other areas of your community, you can start with these small activities. No one but you and your community will be the direct beneficiaries of all the trees planted there. 

Participate in Tree Planting Campaigns/Organizations

Tree planting campaigns/organizations such as Plant a Billion Trees, SeaTrees, Trees for the Future, or One Tree Planted allow people to donate and plant trees on a global scale. Instead of ‘one person – one tree’ (which is already amazing), we can now do ‘one person – n trees’. If we can do it better, then why not?

With the support of these planting organizations, not only is planting trees simpler but taking care of them also becomes much more convenient and efficient.

Bottom Line

If we take a look at the big picture, we can see how impressive this united power of individuals is, even if it’s only a small part of the collective effort.

As a part of that unifying power, you can multiply your contribution many times by planting not one, but as many trees as you can. At Tenere, they also work with many other merchant partners and environmental organizations to make planting trees easier for everyone. Most recently in July, they successfully planted 62,354 trees on behalf of users and partners. Learn more and join Tenere now to make our planet greener and healthier.

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