Top 10 Accessories to Make Your Pickup Truck More Rigid and Sporty

If you believe in the motto “life on wheels,” your pickup truck must be your favorite hot item, if not prized possession, with an absolute value for both work and passion. 

We know what dedicated truck owners and heavy-duty vehicle drivers like you want for themselves. They’re simply good fellas who just focus on working efficiently and living a good life out there. And for that, the main tool and literally the “driving force” ( aka your old good pickup truck) of your life must be robust enough. So to make things fabulous, we believe your pickup truck needs some major upgrades in 2023. 

Really! What are these? Are these actually needed or just overstated? 

If these questions are flooding your mind right now, hold tight and read on the right till the end. We got you covered. 

Top 10 accessories that you need to upgrade the pickup truck 

A more rigid and sporty truck always makes it more fun when hitting the highways and country backroads alike. 

According to a survey by the specialty equipment market association, Light and heavy-duty truck owners spend an average of $1,700 on buying and refurbishing accessories every year. 

These are the ten automotive parts items that you might think about today:

  • Wheel splash guard

Highly famous for displaying funny quotes and absurd cartoons, wheel splash guards and mudguards are useful accessories you must use. It protects the wheel texture and saves other vehicles behind you from splatters of mud, dust, sand, or grainy particles that you’re carrying along. So get a set of colorful splash guards, and move in style! 

  • Tailgate protector

The tailgate is the part that is more abused than it can endure. Be it forceful slams while closing, dragging heavy objects into the bed, and a constant load of keeping the cargo inside the truck while the truck is on bumpy roads – that is too much for a piece of metal. Get some good protectors that cover both the load surface and the top of the tailgate. 

  • Fog lamps

If you frequently go out on long-distance delivery assignments, then you probably utilize the nighttime to cover more miles fast with low traffic and heat fatigue. Unless you’re on a suicide mission, we can’t believe you are hitting the roads in winter months without having a strong fog light lit on the hood. Visibility matters, sometimes more than your skill as a driver! Get one, and drive safely! 

  • Heavy-duty trailer hitch

This item is probably the only one that doesn’t need an explanation. This is what heavy trucks are made to do. Buy one if you still haven’t. 

  • Smart roller cover

Opening and closing the back cargo area is now easier than ever with this amazing smart roller cover that opens and closes just with a remote button. These water, heat, and dust-resistant covers are made from heavy-duty, providing edge-to-edge protection. 

  • Dust defender 

Dust makes your vehicle look bad and not cool, indeed. This isn’t acceptable. The dust layers accumulate over time in thick layers and might also damage machinery. Therefore, premium quality dust defenders are always worth the investment. 

  • Ladder rack

A really good item for stacking up delivery items and, of course, ladders if you really need some to make loading-unloading fast and efficient. These are available in various sizes and rack numbers. Choose one according to the size of your cargo area and your usual requirements. 

  • iPod/ MP3 connectivity 

Long roads can be tiresome, if not unhealthy. We can’t imagine how people tolerate deafening engine sounds and boring screeches of the tire against a tough pitch for an entire day. Don’t go insane. Install an iPod port or MP3 adaptor and feel soothing music while you hit the wheels across the country. 

  • Smart running boards

This looks funny to be on a recommendation list. Once, running boards were the least important parts of a car, just used as footboards to get in and out. Time has changed. Now you can choose from alien-like, super cool-looking LED panel running boards to smart boards with AI touch and motion sensors. Even some boards can connect to the internet to assist you with current stats whenever you enter the truck. Yes, we couldn’t believe it too! Total crazy stuff! 

  • Fender flares and customized wheels

Ending this list with another truly indispensable item for heavy-duty cargo vehicles like your pickup truck. Fender flares give your wheels extra protection, and uniform weight distribution helps these wheels to last longer while allowing a full range of flexible movement. Forget boring tires. Customize truck wheels with a splash of colors and other items like rims. 

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