Find the Best Phone Number Validation API for Your Business

Every business is built with abundant effort and hope. To elevate your organizational growth, numerous calls have to be made regularly. These calls are major leads through which you can drive your business. Now imagine gathering over 1,000s leads for generating revenue only to find out the majority of them are valueless and non-functional. How would you feel? Certainly helpless and frustrated. This is where a number API plays a huge role. Also known as phone API, it validates a number and detects its location and availability. By implementing a number API, you can witness how your business is only working with impactful leads aiding in growth. Those leads might also become loyal customers in the end. 

Ultimate Phone Number Validation APIs you Would Need For your Business

A phone API can help you save a sizeable amount of money by only targeting the correct leads. There is no point in sending out messages to 2,000 people only to get a response from 200. You are wasting a substantial amount in sending out those 2,000 messages and receiving a smidgen of profit. Let us learn the top phone number APIs that you can use right from today. 

  • NumVerify 

This one certainly bags the first place because of its immense useful features leading to the huge client base. NumVerify is one of the best numbers APIs that covers around 232 countries worldwide. It is robust yet a simple RESTful JSON API suited both for global and domestic phone number validation purposes. Through this number API, you will enjoy the effortless approach of getting the numbers validated right at the point of entry. This way, the API maintains a smooth user base that prevents correction of the validation later on in the process. 

You will come across some of the best validation approaches, some of them are global numbering strategies, carrier and line type scrutiny, and location. Coming to the safety part, it is immensely protective and shielded by 256-bit HTTPS encryption. 

NumVerify is also popular as a free carrier lookup API where in the free version, the audience will enjoy 100 requests monthly. You don’t even need to have a credit card. 

  • Numlookupapi

Numlookupapi seconds the list by being a worldwide hit. Like the previous one, it also covers data from over 230 countries. This one follows a simple approach enabling you to computerize the verification process. This is conducted by analyzing different trustworthy data providers and international carriers. This phone number carrier lookup API offers a streamlined database that helps you with premium quality leads and avert fraudulent activities. 

The best part about this API is, it is developed by developers for developers. It promises a fantastic user experience, robust design, and helpful features like performance overview, team functionality, and customized support. It will hardly take you time to understand and set up this API. 

  • Abstract API

This API has a whopping 1 million customers worldwide. It is also a RESTful JSON API like NumVerify and is lightweight and swift. All you need is an API key and a contact number for retrieving details of the carrier, validity, location, type, and so on. You will get data from more than 190 countries thereby making this API quite beneficial for international validations as well. This API is strict about its security measures and has affixed it with 256-bit SSL encryption. 

Furthermore, you can enjoy 250 requests in its free version and can always upgrade to a premium version that is starting at $9 monthly. 

  • Vonage Number Insight

This API lookup is a constant in different organizations across diverse industries. The reason is, it not only offers number validation but also features like recognizing the callers, predicting the customer purpose, and approving customers focused on their objectives starting from signing up to signing in. additionally, it also provides features like blocking fake and deceptive accounts, aversion of scam activities, the distinction between mobile and landline digits, figuring out a carrier for advanced SMS routing, and so on. 

  • Neutrino

This number API can validate both international and national contact numbers simultaneously tracing their locations. Again this one is also a simplified API that is available in JSON and XML formats. It has features like country code, IP, and also a number. Every tool offered by Neutrino is practical and assisting in nature using which developers can address complications concerning their projects. If you are interested in this phone API, you can start with their free version which offers 50 requests. Post that, if you wish to proceed with the upgraded part, you can choose from their list. 

Apart from the aforementioned APIs, there are more to numbers API like Loquate, Byteplant, Plivo, MoceanAPI, Veriphone, Vonage Number Insight, and more. Choose the one that fits all your requirements along with the budget. 

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