3 of the Best Pet Tortoises to Add to Your Lifestyle

Tortoises are an excellent choice for pets because they provide a wonderful sense of calm, friendship, and are quiet. Simply observing them can reduce your stress instantly. This quality makes them a great option for first-time pet owners to own and bond with.

If you want to have one of these calming creatures as a pet, there are many different species of tortoises for sale. But not all tortoises are equally adapted to living with people. So how do you choose the one that best suits your needs and way of life?

To make things easy for you, here are the 3 best pet tortoise options to help you choose. Let’s learn about them together below!

1. Russian Tortoises 

Russian tortoises are amongst the top tortoise species that are human-friendly and easy to bond with. They are highly popular among new pet owners and those who already have other tortoises.  

This species of tortoise are neither too large nor too small but lie in the medium-size range of 5 to 10 inches. Both adult and baby Russian tortoises are inexpensive, charming in nature, low maintenance, and quick to bond, making them a great choice of pet to add to your lifestyle!

You can easily keep your Russian pet in a 10 sq ft enclosure as they don’t need much more space than that. Rather, they can live in normal indoor and outdoor temperatures with a single UVB bulb without any problem. 

Furthermore, Russian tortoises live on a basic diet of hibiscus flowers, dandelions, weeds, grass, hay, and leafy greens such as mustard greens, turnip greens, and Romaine lettuce. So, you won’t have to cater to their needs constantly.

Why Are They A Great Pick?

Russian tortoises are a great pick to add to your lifestyle because:

  • They have a manageable size
  •  They make a good choice for beginners
  • Are highly adaptable to different environments 
  • They are low maintenance 

2. Hermann’s Tortoises 

Hermann’s tortoises will be your favorite if you enjoy colorful and exquisite tortoise species! These tortoises have vibrant patterns and bright yellow and brown dome-shaped shells, making them attractive pets.   

Hermann’s tortoises come from the Mediterranean region. Therefore, they love to live in sandy outdoor environments with proper sunlight and basking spots. They are hide-and-seek enthusiasts, so they love places like large rocks and dense plant coverage in their enclosures to roam around. 

Also, Hermann’s tortoises are great climbers! These tortoises are super-active species with high energies that love to climb the obstacles in their enclosures. Therefore, keep them in a completely closed shelter place with high walls that are hard to escape.    

Their nutritional needs are also easy to attend to as they mostly live on weeds and grass. With their dynamic nature and loving personality, Hermann’s tortoises will definitely keep you entertained as pets! 

Why Are They A Great Pick?

Hermann’s tortoises make great pets for all age groups. They can be a good choice of pet to add to your lifestyle due to several reasons, such as:

  • They have a gentle and a human-friendly temperament  
  • Mediterranean origin makes them well-adapted to a moderate climate
  • Vibrant and colorful patterns make them aesthetically pleasing
  •  They are more tolerant of human handling

3. Sulcata Tortoises 

Small and medium tortoises make easy-to-handle pets, but large species like the Sulcata tortoise have their own charm. Despite their large size, they are surprisingly adaptive to their surroundings. As a result, they are among the most popular pet tortoise species.

These gentle giants give their surroundings a touch of grandiosity with their imposing size and dominating presence. Furthermore, their magnificent shells and endearing personalities make them captivating companions that leave a lasting impression. 

Sulcata tortoises may not be active pets, yet their calm nature reflects a sense of peace and comfort to their surroundings and owners. Plus, they are extremely friendly, lovely, and they adore petting.

Why Are They A Great Pick?

Sulcata tortoises make a great pet choice because:  

  • They have a friendly nature.
  • They are easily adapted to their surroundings. 
  • Their dietary needs can be easily managed as they live on grasses mainly.


In conclusion, pet tortoises need much more than a tank and diet. When choosing the best pet tortoises to add to your lifestyle, proper care must be given to their needs according to your availability. Russian tortoises, Hermann’s, and Sulcata make easy-to-handle pets even for beginners. With their unique characteristics, gentle temperaments, and general availability as tortoises for sale, these three species offer wonderful companionship and enriching experiences for reptile lovers and beginners alike.

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