How to Keep Your Personal Phone Number Private and Still Receive OTP from Online Services

It is hard to imagine using the internet to complete personal and professional tasks without the aid of online services like Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, and others. However, with convenience, they also bring the issue of secrecy. These days many websites and apps require users to verify their mobile phone number during registration, which is obviously not a good idea considering the rise in data breaches and thefts in recent years. This naturally leads people to think about how they can protect themselves in such a case. The solution is pretty simple. Below we will explain what a temporary number is and how to get one or more since it is the best fix for that issue.

Reasons to use temporary phone numbers

Demand for these numbers is rising every day because more and more people find that they are actually useful in a lot of situations. For example, they are a very popular choice when it comes to creating multiple accounts on the same service. There are no limitations on how many of them a single person can use. So, they are not only suitable for this purpose but also eliminate the need to buy expensive SIM cards and significantly save time since they are fully operated online.

Such numbers, as we stated earlier, are also a great tool for those who want to increase their privacy on the web. You can completely stop worrying about data breaches and thefts with them. The main reason for this is that it is unnecessary to provide any personal information to get and use temporary numbers, which means they are not associated with their users. It is also not possible to track where people using them are actually located as they have a static location.

Finally, temporary phone numbers are the only way to register with services for users who live in countries that are not supported for some reason. You can utilize numbers from any country and thereby easily bypass location restrictions like register GCash while outside Philippines. 

Main advantages

Everyone uses temporary numbers for different reasons. However, all those use cases are conditioned by the general advantages they bring to the table. It is the combination of these advantages that makes temporary phone numbers an effective solution to many issues, so each of them deserves attention. Here they are:

  • Low cost, which is typically less than $1;
  • Remote purchase and activation;
  • No quantitative cap on use;
  • Complete privacy;
  • Opportunity to get numbers from any country without visiting it.

Summing up the above, temporary numbers have a whole list of benefits, being a tool that is worth using in numerous situations. They are also designed to be simple to use. This means that there is no requirement for users to have advanced technological knowledge or skills. The whole process takes just a few minutes.

Where to get a temporary number?

Only a few years ago there were a small number of companies offering temporary phone numbers. But things have drastically changed recently. Currently, more than a hundred websites and apps provide the ability to take advantage of numbers for receiving OTP. The only problem with this is that they all charge different prices for the same solutions.

This is why we recommend using SMS-Man. They offer high-quality and reasonably priced numbers that are suitable for use with every popular service. Here is how to get temp phone number with them:

  1. Go to and sign up for an account.
  2. Top up your balance in a suitable way.
  3. Select the country of the cellular provider on the home page.
  4. On the same page search for the service you want to register.
  5. Purchase a temporary phone number by clicking on the appropriate button.

Everything that you have to do after is to enter the received temporary number into the registration form on the website or app it is supposed to work with and request a verification code. Next, return to the platform that provided the number and receive the code, which is used to finish registration. This is not difficult at all, and even people who are not familiar with virtual telephony may handle this task.

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