[Original Video] Paul Pelosi Full Video: Is Paul Pelosi Dead Or Still Alive? Explore His Wikipedia Details Along With Attach Updates

This research on Paul Pelosi Full Video will give Important updates on the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s house.

Is the attacker of Paul Pelosi arrested? Did you watch the full attack video of Paul Pelosi? Many viewers are searching for the CCTV footage of the attack on Paul Pelosi Worldwide. In this post on Paul Pelosi Full Video, we will throw light on the attack on Paul Pelosi and the video uploaded online. We request every reader to continue reading this post to get more updates on this attack held last year. 

Full Video Of Attack on Paul Pelosi

On October 28, 2022, a heartbreaking incident occurred when an intruder entered the house of Nancy Pelosi and attacked her husband, Paul Pelosi. After three months, the CCTV footage of this attack was shared by the officials so that everyone can watch the incident. The video highlighted the full incident very clearly. The face of the intruder is visible. 

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Paul Pelosi Attack Wikipedia

According to the reports, the attack on the house of the House Speaker of the US, Nancy Pelosi held on October 28, 2022. She lived in San Francisco with her husband, Paul Pelosi. Suddenly, at night, somebody knocked on the door and Paul Pelosi went to look. There was a short conversation between Paul and the intruder. Nancy Pelosi informed the cops. The intruder had a hammer and he tried to hit so hard on Paul. Moreover, the cops overpowered and hold him. He was searching for Nancy Pelosi in the house. 

After investigation, it was found that the man is David DePape. His identity was revealed after Paul Pelosi Angreb. The term angreb is used on various online sites and it means Attack. 

Health Status Of Paul Pelosi After Attack! 

As per online sources, Paul Pelosi was attacked brutally by the intruder. He hit Paul’s head and he underwent skull surgery after this attack. Moreover, his arms and hands were injured severely during this incident. He was hospitalized and was given the best treatment and by God’s grace, he has recovered from his injuries. Also, Nancy stated that she was disturbed after this attack on Paul. But now Paul Pelosi is doing good. So, if your question is: Is Paul Pelosi Dead? Then, we must clear that he is fine. 

This 82- year man fought for his wife bravely and we salute his courage and efforts to restrict the intruder from entering the house. As per sources, David went on shouting for Nancy as his main target was Nancy not Paul. He might attack Nancy if not caught on time.


Wrapping up this post, we have provided all reports on the attack on Paul Pelosi. Kindly check the complete video here.

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Paul Pelosi Full Video: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How old is Paul Pelosi?

Ans. As per online sources, Paul is 82 years old. His courage to fight with the intruder is appreciated. 

Q2. Who was the intruder?

Ans. According to the sources, it was revealed in the investigation that the intruder was David DePape. 

Q3. When did this incident happen?

Ans. The attack on Nancy Pelosi’s house occurred on October 28, 2022. 

Q4. Who is Nancy Pelosi?

Ans. Nancy Pelosi is the House Speaker of the US. 

Q5. Who is Paul Pelosi?

Ans. He is an entrepreneur and businessman by profession. 

Q6. Is Paul Pelosi Still Alive

Ans. Yes, he is alive and recovered from his injuries.

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