Patrick Wojahn Party: What Is This College Park? Read Details On Political, Affiliation And More Here!

The below post will discuss Patrick Wojahn Party and the reason behind his arrest. You can also get the trending facts.

Do you know the famous social justice and environmental advocate Patrick? If you haven’t known him till now, it would be amazing to hear about his achievement. But, besides this achievement, you would be more shocked to hear about his activity or, you can say, crime. Do you want to know what he did? If yes, then you must read this post till last.

The people around the entire United States were shocked when Patrick’s crime was disclosed to the public. So, to know everything about the Patrick Wojahn Party, read this post last.

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Who is Patrick Wojahn?

Patrick Wojahn is a College Park Mayor and lawyer for Social justice and the environment in Maryland City. Besides this, he is a long-serving government official. Wojahn is 47 years old. Earlier, he served City Council for almost eight years, and after that, he had College Park mayor of the 47 and College Park, home to the University of Maryland campus from approx. Last seven years.

Who is Patrick Wojahn

Why had Patrick Wojahn, College Park mayor, been arrested?

On Thursday, he was arrested and charged with many criminal charges. According to the police, he has been charged with 56 counts of distributing mature content of children and possession. The officials state that he had uploaded dozens of mature content on the social media platform Kik in January. 

Moreover, the content is explicit and involves many young and mature men in the act. As per police reports, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children notified the Price George’s County police about a suspicious Kik account on February 17. 

Soon after the notice, police started an investigation and their investigation ended up with Patrick Wojahn. On February 28, police issued a search warrant to Wojahn’s College Park home.

What is the Political process going on in Patrick Wojahn’s case?

Then, police confirmed that he had resigned from his position on Wednesday night. However, according to the court papers, Patrick Wojahn confesses that the Kik account belongs to him and surrenders Miranda rights while investigating. 

Moreover, he also said that he had viewed mature content and controlled files with mature content. To know further details on this case, click on the social media links below.

Social Media Links-



The Last Words

The college park mayor was arrested for filming and posting mature content. Though he resigned from his job, the investigation is still ongoing. 

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Patrick Wojahn Party: FAQs

Q1. From which year was Patrick Wojahn working as a Mayor of College Park?

Ans. Since 2015, he has been working as a Mayor of College Park.

Q2. Which country’s police are investigating this case?

Ans. Prince George’s County Police are investigating the case.

Q3. Is Patrick Wojahn married?

Ans. Yes, he is married.

Q4. What is the name of Patrick Wojahn’s wife?

Ans. His wife is not known to us right now.

Q5. How many cases of distribution of exploitative child content were counted on Patrick Wojahn?

Ans. 16 cases were counted to distribute exploitative child content on Patrick Wojahn.

Q6. How many cases were charged against him for possession of child exploitative content?

Ans. He has been charged with 40 counts of possession of exploitative child content.

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