Part-Time Jobs for UK September Intake 2023: Current Situation

As the September intake for universities in the UK approaches, many students are seeking part-time jobs to support their studies and cover living expenses. However, the current job market is uncertain due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit. This blog will explore the current situation for part-time jobs for the upcoming UK September intake in 2023 and provide tips for writing an effective CV to increase job prospects.

Current Situation for Part-Time Jobs in the UK: 

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the job market, especially for part-time jobs, which are often filled by students. Many businesses have closed, reduced their operations or staff, or shifted to remote work, making it difficult for students to find part-time jobs. The effects of Brexit have also created uncertainty for international students seeking employment in the UK. However, some industries, such as retail, healthcare, and hospitality, are still hiring part-time staff.

Tips for Writing a CV for Part-Time Jobs: 

To increase your chances of landing a part-time job, a well-written CV is essential. Here are some tips for writing a CV for a part-time job:

  1. Keep it concise: Keep your CV to one or two pages, with clear headings and bullet points.
  2. Highlight relevant skills and experiences: Focus on skills and experiences that are relevant to the job you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a retail job, highlight customer service experience.
  3. Use action verbs: Use active verbs to describe your experiences and achievements, such as “organized,” “created,” and “managed.”
  4. Include your education: List your educational qualifications and any relevant courses or certificates.
  5. Customize your CV: Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for. Use keywords and phrases from the job description to show that you are a good match for the position.

CV Writing Services: 

If you are struggling to write a CV or want to ensure that your CV is effective, consider using a professional CV writing service. These services can provide personalized advice and guidance on how to make your CV stand out to potential employers.

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Finding a part-time job in the current job market can be challenging, but by following the above tips and utilizing resources such as CV writing services, students can increase their chances of finding employment. As the situation continues to evolve, staying up-to-date with job postings and networking with potential employers can also be beneficial.

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