A Guide to Organizing Your Saved IG Reels

Instagram is a visually driven platform and is extremely popular because of its unique features. According to research, over 500 million people surf through Instagram reels via Stories daily. We all explore reels in our free time and you can also save from Instagram reels for later viewing. But sometimes, we may experience difficulty locating our favorite reels in our saved posts because there are plenty of them, and it becomes difficult to find them. Therefore, I created a guide to organize your saved IG reels on Instagram.

What is the Instagram Collection?

Instagram launched a bookmarking feature back in 2016 that allowed its users to save Instagram reels to mp4 https://heatfeed.com/instagram-reels-downloader/, posts, or videos within the app. Nowadays, IG supports making different collections for content like reel audio clips, movie clips, funny memes, and many more. They help us keep our reels organized.

Some Advantages of Making Instagram Collections

Instagram collections are an excellent feature of Instagram that lets you manage your favorite content according to your interests, hobbies, and preferences. Following are some notable benefits of using this feature on Instagram.

Content Curation

Instagram lets you decide whether you want to keep your collection visible to the public or want to keep it private. However, if you are a business owner, public collections can enable your viewers to navigate via your products or related posts.

Reels Organization

If you are a content creator, an influencer, or own a private account, you can easily avail of the collection feature to archive your memories. With https://pixwox.net You can also save and view Instagram stories in your feed’s highlights and make separate collections for your reels of traveling, fitness, lifestyle, birthdays, and more to keep them organized on Instagram.

Better Engagement

Regardless of whether you have a personal collection, you can smoothly scroll through your favorite content again without restrictions. Public collections allow your new followers to gain insight into your account niche and your interests as an admin. It helps you enhance your engagement with your audience.

How to Create a Collection of Instagram Reels?

Instagram has also recently launched a collaborative collection feature that enables you to create a collection of your favorite posts with your friends and followers. You can also download Insta reels by using online Instagram reel downloaders.

You can follow the steps listed below to create an Instagram collection. 

  1.   Open Instagram and scroll through the reel you want to save.
  2.   Press the bookmark tag on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3.   A pop-up collection feature will appear in front of you to save from Insta reel in any of your existing collections or make a new one by clicking the “+” icon. 
  4.   Select the privacy of your collection to keep it public or private.
  5.   You can download Instagram reels within the app in your collections. In the future click the bookmark tag on other reels or posts. 


Instagram reel collection is a handy feature for all personal or business accounts to keep their content curated, organized, and managed according to their preferences. IG save option and Instagram reels downloader is a game-changer in this era of the world because you can easily save or download Instagram reels within the app and also in the device gallery. Reels are an eminent tool for content creators to enhance their engagement with the audience. I hope this article has inspired you to utilize the full potential of the collection feature to organize your favorite IG reels.

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