Natural Remedies for Crackling Ears: Tips and Tricks to Soothe Discomfort 

Is the crackling-in-ears problem back, making your life a living hell once again? The constant popping noise in your ear that sounds like someone has poured milk over a bowl of rice krispies is nothing but torture. 

While there are many causes for you to suddenly hear crackling sounds, the most common ones are wax building and the imbalance of pressure in your ears.

However, before you need to see a doctor try our natural home remedies for crackling in the ears. Hopefully, it will help you to soothe the discomfort you are going through without any medication.

Causes For Crackling In Ears 

These are the leading causes why your ears are crackling and giving you a hard time:


Most of us are unaware of the fact that our ears are self-cleaning. Basically, when we chew, our jaw moves, which transfers ear wax from the eardrum to the ear opening, causing it to dry and fall out on its own.

But we always tend to use cotton buds to clean our ears, which in turn makes things worse as we end up pushing back the wax in our ears, creating it to build up and cause the crackling sound.

Air Pressure Changes 

Those of you who have traveled on airplanes multiple times must have had the crackling in ears experience. This happens when the plane ascends and descends. It causes a change in altitude, leading to a difference in ear pressure.

Dysfunction of Eustachian Tube 

The tubes play a vital role as it helps the ears to drain fluid as they are connected to the backside of the throat from the middle ear. Dysfunction of eustachian tubes can lead to an imbalance of pressure inside the ears, causing you to hear a crackling sound. The problem is often a result of suffering from a severe cold or sinus.

7 Natural Tips And Tricks  To Soothe The Discomfort of Crackling In Ears 

1.Yawning And Swallowing 

The easiest way to comfort yourself from crackling in the ears is by yawning or swallowing. This is because both of these methods lead to the opening of your eustachian tube to bring back the pressure in your ears.

2. Natural Ear Drops 

To soften the ear wax so that it falls out on its own, you can try a few   natural solutions that you probably have in your bathroom cabinet. These include baby oil, mineral oil, and hydrogen peroxide.

Simply insert any one of the liquids into a medicine dropper and apply a few drops inside your ears. It’s always better to take someone’s help to complete the process as you need to stay lying down on your side with your ears facing the ceiling, so the solution works properly.

3. Gargling With Salt Water 

This method is beneficial for those suffering from a cold that is causing them to suffer from crackling in the ears. Gargling is a simple process that helps decrease mucus blocking the ears and nose.

All you need to do is add a pinch of salt with some warm water and mix it up. Afterward, it would help if you gargled with salty water for 4-5 seconds, then spit it out. Keep repeating the process until you feel a bit relieved.

4. Chewing Gum 

Have you noticed that if you move your jaws, your blocked ears unblock, and you can hear everything more clearly?

By chewing gum, you are creating the constant movement of your jaws that aids the eustachian tubes to open and decrease the crackling in ears.

5. Steam 

Using steam can help to unblock ears and soothe the discomfort of the crackling that is caused by allergies or infections.

You can take a hot shower to create steam to help your ears. Or you can try to inhale steam from a pot of hot water by placing your head over it on a towel and then taking deep breaths. Carry on inhaling until you feel the water has turned cold and no steam is coming out.

6. Garlic Oil / Crushed Garlic 

Garlic oil is an effective way to help your ears with the crackling sound. Throw a couple of garlic cloves into a pot containing two spoons of mustard oil and cook until the color turns black. Then strain the mixture and put it inside a dropper for your ears.

Another method is to crush boiled garlic cloves and add salt to them. Then put this mixture in a cloth and apply it on the crackling ear.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar 

Take an equal amount of water and apple cider vinegar, then mix the two. Dip a cotton ball inside the solution and let it soak for a few seconds before you put it in your discomforted ear. Let the cotton ball sit on your ear for about five minutes, and then drain any extra vinegar pouring out from your ear by laying down on the opposite side.

When to Talk to Your Doctor 

Suppose the crackle in your ears does not improve or is accompanied by fever, blood pressure, or pain. Then it’s a sign that you may be suffering from an ear infection that requires a doctor’s attention. 

Also, if you see that there are no other symptoms, but the pain is not going away, then head off to the doctor’s chamber before you end up doing any permanent damage to your ears.

Final advice 

We sincerely hope our seven remedies help you eliminate the crackling-in-ear problem you are facing. Do take help from someone, as a few of the methods require assistance.

I suggest yawning or swallowing to help your ears, as they are the two easiest methods.

However, if the crackling continues making life more difficult for you, do not waste time and take professional advice from a doctor. They may suggest medications or clean out the ear wax to help you feel relieved.

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