How to Motivate A Person to Try Drug Rehab

Getting a person to go to rehab is not an easy task, especially if they are deep in addiction.

You may need professional help and it might take several unsuccessful tries before the person finally agrees to go.

Let us take a look at a few ways to motivate a person to try drug rehab.

Do Some Research

Before you go ahead and tell a person to join rehab, you should be well-educated on addiction and its treatment options.

If you suspect that your friend is going through drug addiction, take some time to perform some research about its symptoms and side effects on heart health and immunity.

You can also consider talking to someone who is well-versed in or who has gone through addiction rehab.

All of this will help you know the exact issue your friend is dealing with and find the right treatment options for them. It will also help you talk to your friend articulately without leaving out any important information or facts.

Talk To Them In The Right Moments

It is very important to pick the right moment to talk to a person about drug detox.

For example, if you talk to them when they are high – they will either react to it harshly or won’t take it seriously.

Approach them when they are sober and ready to have a proper conversation with you. Don’t use harsh words or put on a tone that makes it seem like you are belittling them.

Make sure they are paying full attention to what you are saying.

Be Supportive

The words you use will play a very important role in how you make the other person feel.

It is important to be supportive and calm when you are motivating someone to go to rehab. 

The person is already vulnerable so avoid taking a harsh or authoritative tone. You should be firm with your words but emphatic as well.

Establish Boundaries

Set proper boundaries between the two of you. You shouldn’t be overly involved in your friend’s addiction because this could affect your life as well.

For example, if he or she lives with you, you could set a rule regarding the usage of drugs in the home or for bringing in people who use them.

You should take careful measures to ensure that your friend’s drug habits don’t influence your daily life.

It can be hard to come out of such situations so setting boundaries is essential.

Have A Professional Talk To Your Friend

Sometimes the best thing to do is to let a professional talk to your friend.

A shrink can do a better job of communicating the danger your friend is in and explaining the appropriate treatment options available.

These people have done this a lot of times before and will also be aware of the different kinds of responses they will receive.

Make sure you don’t spring this on them. Let them know that you can arrange for someone to talk to them and help them out, and let them come for therapy willingly.

Don’t Force It

Ultimately you cannot force someone to go to rehab.

It is a choice they are going to have to make on their own.

What you can do is help them, guide them and provide them support.

Be kind with your words and avoid using words that suggest force.

If they are still not agreeing to go, try talking about it on another day when they are in a better headspace.


If nothing works, you can consider calling intervention services as a last resort.

Don’t wait till the person is deep in addiction. Intervene as early as possible.

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