Flattering and Cute Medium Length Hairstyles for Women

Medium length hairstyles for women are some of the most versatile haircuts. They are not only versatile but also the most popular hair length among women. It is important to take advantage of this length and try some since you can always revert to your short or long hair whenever you want. 

However, to enjoy different looks of medium length hair, you must be willing to experiment with different styles. Maybe, now is the right time to transform your looks with one of these medium length hairstyles. Take a look for inspiration.

For most women, wearing hair in down dos is something unimaginable since it tends to appear flat and dull. If this is the fear you face too, opting for a medium length hairstyle as this one for straight hair is the best thing to do. Trim the wispy layers to enhance texture but ensure there are shorter layers on the crown. 

  • Bobbed Volume and Highlights

This is a modern take on traditional bobs because of the immense layering used. It looks more like a shag though it is sleek, smoothly rounded, and not tousled and shaggy. This haircut incorporates only one layer of layers.

  • Elongated Disconnected Bob and Highlights

Nowadays, the bobs don’t have to be proper and prim. The bobs which are styled today incorporate choppy layers and stylish dye jobs. One of the beautiful and fun medium length hairstyles is the melted highlights from the roots that are a modern take on ombre style. Trim choppy layers into an extended bob to achieve an ultimate A-lister hairstyle. 

  • Shaggy Wavy Bob and Disconnected Tips

If this is your first trial for medium length hairstyles, one of the glamorous choices is this extended bob. This hairstyle is super low maintenance and won’t take much of your time. However, you will still see the vibe and carefree nature of the haircut. Choose disconnected tips to enhance the texture and volume of your haircut.

  • One-Length Medium Haircut and Wispy Layers

This is yet another fun and beautiful idea of medium length hairstyles for ladies looking for a hassle-free and sophisticated look. The wispy layers around the crown boost movement and texture for your straight hair. Going to shoulder length, the one-length haircut can be parted on either side, at the middle or down.

  • Voluminous and Messy Lob

Medium length haircuts for women are popularly known for their great volume. If you don’t want to rock a traditional bob, you can opt for a lob-it allows you to go shorter anytime you feel like doing so. This style with swooping messy layers can easily be achieved using hot rollers and a curling iron. The waves last for a whole day.

  • Medium Blonde Haircut And V-Cut Waves

Are you looking for something a bit smoother? This angled V- cut wave appears exemplary when worn straight and makes your hairstyle ridiculously low maintenance. If the shade of your hair is starting to look faded, give it some life with blonde highlights and blend it with a subtle hue on the top layers.

  • Wavy Balayage Lob

The lob has been and continues to steal the hearts of many women. They are stylish and chic haircuts for women. If styled with balayage coloring, these styles take the hairstyling practice to its highest levels. For this look, opt for soft caramel. It is an ideal color that rocks any face shape.

  • Rounded A-Line Bob

If you have been searching for a refine medium-length haircut, your search ends right here. You will get it right with this rounded bob. Make sure the hair near your face is kept longer than the rest. The style also gives you an opportunity to chop extended side bags for face framing.

  • Shattered Blonde and Flyways

This hairstyle has warmed many women’s hearts. It is modern and easy to maintain. The shattered shags and feathery flyways are an excellent option for straight, medium length hair.

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