Mama Cax Funeral: Was Leg The Cause of Death? How Did She Die? What Is Her Net Worth 2023, Age, Height? Check Wikipedia & Latest Instagram Updates Here!

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Do you know who Mama Cax is? How did she lose her life? In which profession does Mama Cax involve? Mama Cax has been one of the most popular models in the United States of America and various other countries like Argentina, the United Kingdom, Chile, and Brazil. 

Mama Cax has recently lost her life after being hospitalized for a week. Recently her fans have started to search for information over the web and want to know details about the reason behind her death and Mama Cax Funeral

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Funeral of Mama Cax:

Mama Cax was a 30-year-old lady when she lost her life, she died on 16th December 2019 after being admitted to the hospital for over a week. No information has been registered over the web regarding her Funeral. 

Meanwhile, sources claimed the doctor had found multiple blood clots in her lung. Lots of viewers have started to think this might be the reason behind Mama Cax Cause of Death.

8th February 2023 google doodle:

On 8th February in black history month, google honored mama Cax by sharing a doodle on her life that includes modeling with her prosthetic legs. By sharing a doodle, google wants every model to remember Mama Cax Leg and how she achieved her goal in modeling.

The early life of Mama Cax:

Cacsmy Brutus, also known as Mama Cax, was born on 20th November 1989, Near Brooklyn; she was a Haitian Model of America. She had been facing lung cancer at 14, and the doctor gave her three months, but she survived.

After two years, she tried to do a hip replacement, which failed, leading to the amputation of her leg. Mama Cax also said she regained her confidence and started playing wheelchair basketball. Later, she shifted her focus and became a successful model.

Mama Cax Instagram:

Cax’s family selected Instagram to share the sad news of her passing. They share a photo of depressing notes on Instagram. While they share information about Cax’s death, they also specify, Cax was a fighter. 

She has been facing multiple problems in her life; one of the major obstacles was cancer. Her final days on earth were fought with the same tenacity.


Mama Cax Instagram

How Did Mama Cax Die:

Mama Cax passed away in 2019 in London after spending a week in the hospital. According to media accounts, Cax experienced a significant stomach ache before learning she had several blood clots in her lungs. 

Doctor Sources also said cancer might be one of the main reasons behind her death. Cax passed away when she was 30 years old. These are the details we find on Mama Cax Age Wikipedia.

Important information about Mama Cax:

Real Name  Cacsmy Brutus
Nick Name Mama Cax
Profession Model 
Citizen  American
Date of birth 20th November 1989
Mama Cax Age 30
Mother name Marie Vilus
Father Name Cacsman Brutus
Boyfriend Name Not Known
Mama Net Worth 2023 19 Million
School Not Known
Favourite Actor Tom Cruise 
Favourite Actress Emma Watson
Mama Cax Height 173 cm

Social Media Links:


Mama Cax died on 16th December 2091; no funeral information has been mentioned. According to the doctor, she died due to a pulmonary embolism.


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FAQ of Mama Cax Funeral:

Q1. Why does Google share Mama Cax Doodles?

Due to Black month History.

Q2. Mama Cax ever done modelling for Nike?


Q3. Where was Mama Cax born initially?

Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Q4. What was the legacy of Mama Cax?

courage, determination

Q5. Do Mama Cax Marry?


Q6. What is the zodiac sign of Mama Cax?


Q7. Was Mama Cax an activist?


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