Luscious Cakes to Give Girlfriend During of Proposal

If you love any girl and are waiting for the time to propose to her, then valentine’s day could be the best time. But giving a gift, card, or flowers to your girlfriend is not enough to impress her. If you want to make a loving & caring impression on your girlfriend, then valentine’s cake can be your best medium. 

So let’s see the latest and most lucrative valentine’s cakes that will make your proposal path toward a girlfriend smooth.

1] Love Filled Cream Cake

Girls love the beautiful art on the cake, and in this loving week, if you want to propose to your girlfriend, you must go with a love-filled cream cake. It comes in multiple flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla, black forest, butterscotch, and others. 

In addition, the love-filled valentine’s cake comes with 2 tiers, and at the top of the same, you will find a chocolate carving of a boy proposing to a girl. Undoubtedly, the design of the cake will melt the heart of your girlfriend, and your proposal task will become easier.

2] Customized Photo Cake

Customized photo cake comes in different shapes, but on valentine’s day, you must go with a heart-shaped cake. On this cake, you can add a picture of your girlfriend to add another layer of love to her.

All you need to do is place the order online along with your girlfriend’s photo, whose image size should lie between 50 k to 5Mb, and ensure that the image file format should be in JPG or PNG. This cake comes in different flavors, such as black forest, butterscotch, and others, so you can go with the one that matches your girlfriend’s taste.

3] Heart Shaped Red Velvet

Red Velvet Heart is the most demanding valentines day cake and is loved by a lot of people. The prime ingredients in the cake are vinegar, buttermilk, and cocoa. Most people believe that red food color is added to give a red texture to the cake, but that’s not true. In practice, cocoa powder contains anthocyanin antioxidants that react with buttermilk & vinegar to give a red texture.

Most girls love a cake, and if it’s red velvet, then hardly anyone will refuse to take it. So, you must give this cake to your girlfriend at the time of the proposal.

4] Pineapple Cake With Red Roses

The red rose is a symbol of love, and if it is embedded in the pineapple cake with a pink rose texture and some fillers, then hardly any girl will refuse to eat it. If you propose to your girlfriend with this cake, then undoubtedly, she will love the way your proposal is.

However, if the friendship bond between you two is quite strong and she has a feeling for you too, then she will definitely accept your proposal. So, you must give this cake a try with this cake and let destiny decide your fate.

5] Vanilla Rose Cake

The beautiful red roses covered across the vanilla valentine’s cake gives a spectacular view, and that’s why it stands at the top of the cake chart. The texture, cream, and taste of a cake make it more delicious, and this can be the best item you can give to your girlfriend at the time of proposal.

6] Valentine’s Day Photo Cake

This kind of valentine’s cake is specially made for an occasion such as Valentine’s Day. In this cake, you can add your girlfriend’s photo along with some beautiful love lines or quotes. The cake is designed so specially that your girlfriend will be fond of this cake. Once she tastes the delicious cake, her mood will change, and this could be the right time to propose to her. 

7] Combo Set

If you are planning to give multiple sweet items to your girlfriend, then a combo set is an ideal choice. It comes with chocolates, cupcakes, cookies, and a jar of mini red velvet. These entire items will astonish your girlfriend, and she will definitely be surprised. 

At the time of proposal, surprises matter a lot as girls love them, so if you give her a combo set and then share your love feeling with her, then chances are there she will accept the same.


If you want to propose to your girlfriend this valentine’s day, then you must be prepared with some stuff, including a delicious cake. The cake is the best medium to strengthen the love relationship, and that’s why it is always recommended to have a sweet before stepping into a new platform. Love is also a platform where you have to build your space into your girlfriend’s heart.

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