Lionel Meadows Plane Crash-Read About The Incident

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Do you know about Dr. Lionel Meadows? How did the doctor die? What happened to him? Did Dr. Lionel face a plane crash? When did Dr. Lionel pass away? Are you curious to know more about the tragic plane crash?

Dr. Lionel’s death news shook the people of the United States indeed. People are curious to know more about the details of Lionel Meadows Plane Crash. So here we will update you with all the details on the plane crash. So hurry up and read the article now!


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Know about Dr. Lionel’s plane crash news!

A tragic incident took place with Dr Lionel Meadows belonged to Northeast Georgia. He was 54 years and passed away on 7th May 2023 after a plane crash in Tennessee. The Plane crash happened in the woods at Polk County, at the Georgia border. The authorities found one of the wings from the plane at a public road. The authorities recovered Dr. Meadows’s body in the plane’s cockpit on 8th May 2023.

What is the cause of Dr. Lionel’s death?

The doctor dies in a terrible plane crash near Tennessee, Georgia border. Officials are still investigating the matter to find more updates on the Lionel Meadows Plane Crash incident. Dr. Meadows visited his family a weekend before the tragic accident took place. The authorities stated that he was traveling all alone when the plane crashed.

Who was Lionel Meadows?

The sources state that Dr. Lionel Meadows was a physician, Clarkesville, and Gynaecology. Dr. Meadows was the owner and Medical Director at the Meadows Surgical Arts. He had practiced for 10 years in the Women’s Wellness Center at Toccoa and was an obstetrician. Dr. Lionel was also a member of the Georgia-Cumberland Academy. The doctor gained his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia in 1994. 

When is Dr Lionel Meadows funeral?

His family didn’t make any announcement for Dr. Lionel’s funeral yet. However, his funeral will take place soon. Also, Dr. Meadows’s officers confirmed his death news through a Facebook post.

The Meadows Surgical Arts Mourn on the death of Dr. Lionel Meadows. They shared a touching note through the Facebook post. The post stated that the medical center is mourning the death of the wonderful soul Dr, Lionel Meadows. Interested readers can go through the touching post.

When is Dr Lionel Meadows funeral

Know about Meadows’s Family!

He left behind his beloved wife, Kathryn Krueger Meadows after the Lionel Meadows Plane Crash incident. They both also have a son Aspen Meadows and a daughter Liesl Meadows. Apart from that, he left his mother behind named, Martha Rainey Meadows. His sister is Crystal M. Tucker, and his mother–in–law is Phyllis Krueger.

The Now Habersham Twitter page shared the death news of Dr. Lionel Meadows. The post is captioned as a well-known Northeast Georgia physician was killed in a plane crash over the weekend.

More Updates on the plane crash!

Dr. Lionel Meadow was flying a Single engine Cessna 182 on Sunday. However, the reason for the Lionel Meadows Plane Crash is not disclosed by the officials. Further research shares that the plane left from South Bend, Indiana on Sunday.

Dr. Lionel Meadows Wiki!


Real Name Dr. Lionel Meadows.
Profession Doctor and Pysician.
Date Of Birth 28/10/1968.
Birth Place Macon, GA.
Wife Name Kathryn Krueger Meadows.
Marital Status


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We have mentioned all the essential details on the dangerous plane crash in Tennessee, Georgia Brooder. For clarity, now watch the Lionel Meadows death news video. Also, we share our deep condolences to his family.

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Lionel Meadows Plane Crash-FAQs

Q1. What happened to Lionel Meadows?

AHe died recently in a tragic plane crash.

Q2. Where was Lionel Meadows head towards during the plane crash?

He was heading towards Jefferson’s Jackson County Airport.

Q3. At what age did Lionel Meadows die?

AHe died at 54 years.

Q4. How many children does Lionel Meadows have?

Lionel had two children, a son, and a daughter.

Q5. What were Lionel Meadows’s hobbies?

His hobbies involved Playing Guitar, flying, and golfing.

Q6. When is Dr. Meadows’s funeral scheduled?

No details on his funeral have been disclosed yet.

Q7. Why was Dr. Lionel traveling?

He was traveling to meet his family.

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