6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Lawyer for Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Across the United States, motorcycle accidents result in roughly 90,000 injuries each year. Sometimes the person operating the motorcycle is to blame for the collision. However, in many other cases, the motorcycle driver is a victim who was not at fault and must cope with the injuries and medical costs associated with the collision. It’s a smart idea to think about hiring a motorcycle attorney to handle your case if you were recently involved in a motorbike accident.

You might be eligible for a settlement amount that might cover any damage done to you, your bike, and any other cars involved in the collision, whether or not you were injured in the collision. When looking for lawyers, consider hiring a local motorcycle accident lawyer since they will know about the local laws and can help you to a great extent.

Here are 6 reasons why, if you’re ever in a motorbike accident, you should engage a motorcycle lawyer.

Determine Whether You’re Entitled to Compensation

In some cases, after a motorbike accident, you will regrettably not be qualified to file a claim for compensation. For instance, you might not be eligible for compensation if you were the sole cause of the crash. However, even if the accident was ultimately your fault, you might be eligible to receive a modest payment that you can put toward fixing your motorcycle and taking care of any injuries you suffered. You risk accepting far less than you deserve if you attempt to calculate the amount of compensation you are owed on your own or, even worse, if you attempt to negotiate a settlement with your insurance company without a motorcycle attorney. A competent attorney can inform you of your eligibility for compensation and assist you in negotiating the best settlement with an insurance provider.

Describe the Procedure for Making a Legal Claim

A motorcycle lawyer will explain the steps you must take to file a legal claim if they decide that you are, in fact, entitled to compensation after a motorcycle accident. In certain cases, all that is required is a fair settlement with the insurance provider. In other cases, it could be necessary for you to appear in court to reach an amicable solution. In any case, a lawyer can explain the steps you must take to obtain compensation. Once the procedure actually starts, this will prove to be crucial.

Responds to Your Questions

The general public has no idea how to pursue legal action and seek financial compensation after a motorcycle accident. People frequently want to know how everything works. Thus, they usually have a ton of questions. A reputable motorbike attorney will be able to immediately respond to all of your questions if you enlist their assistance. It will be convenient to have a trustworthy lawyer on your side. 

Research the Details 

Once you’ve decided to engage with a motorcycle lawyer, they’ll take the time to compile all the information related to your particular case. They will obtain police reports and investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident. They will also assess your medical condition and the potential financial burden that the injuries you received may have on you in the future. Good lawyers know how to obtain information and use it to their advantage. 

Negotiation With the Insurance Company

Your motorbike lawyer will contact your insurance provider to see if they can negotiate a settlement before they start any formal legal action on your behalf. If you’re eligible for reimbursement at this point, your insurance provider has probably already contacted you in an effort to negotiate a settlement. Most likely, the adjuster for the insurance company made a lowball offer to appease you. Your lawyer can attempt to get the insurance company to pay more money, assuming you haven’t already accepted that offer. They can utilize the information they’ve obtained to convince your insurance provider that you are due more money than they are willing to give you. 

File a Lawsuit on Your Behalf

If a settlement cannot be reached, your lawyer will bring a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. Depending on the specifics of your case, they will also be able to explain why bringing a lawsuit is in your best interests. It is evident that filing a lawsuit and appearing in court could make your life more difficult and cost you money. However, it will be worthwhile if it ultimately results in you receiving a considerably higher settlement.

Hiring a lawyer after any unfortunate event should be a no-brainer. They can limit further damages and statements that can put you in an unfortunate position. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer following the accident to ensure all your rights are protected, and you get the best legal representation. 

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