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The write-up on Kuaron Harvey Full Video has provided the details on the incident recorded on a social media live session. 

Who was Kuaron Harvey? What happened to Kuaron Harvey? Who was Paris Harvey? Why is Kuaron Harvey news trending recently? Kuaron Harvey Full Video heart-braking case has yet again become the trending topic these days. This incident happened in the United States, and the details of the mishappening jolted people in the states. Let us read some critical details on the topic here.

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Kuaron Harvey Case Background Summary

On 25th March 2022, there was the Kuaron and Paris Harvey case. After more than a year, this case has gained popularity once more since people have not forgotten about it. The video from the incident has also been re-posted on Twitter. Kuaron and Paris, two minor children, are involved in this incident. When 12-year-old Paris attends her cousin Kuaron’s fourteenth birthday celebration at his home, she gets her hands on a gun. From here, the story of Kuaron and Paris’s misery begins.

Disclaimer: We request our readers kindly refrain from watching the popular video about this case because it can be depressing. 

How Did Kuaron & Paris Die?

After the birthday party, Paris’s parents went home, and she stayed with his cousin for a night. They were playing with the pistol that Paris had found in the house. At midnight both went live on Instagram. Paris placed the gun behind his cousin’s right ear jokingly. But the gun was not locked, and it went off by mistake. 

Kuaron fell on the floor with his ear bleeding, and in a fit of fear, Paris accidentally shot herself too. The kids died, and the misfortune was recorded in the live session. The video quickly went viral but people started discussing the case. Many claimed that Paris accidentally shot Kuaron, but she shot herself as an act of suicide after what she did to her cousin. 

Viral On Reddit Video of Kuaron Harvey’s Death

The viral video was removed at the request of the Harvey family because they were shattered to the core after losing two kids. The police did everything to ensure the video was removed from the internet and saved the family from stress and heartbreak. 

The pistol was a semi-automatic firearm, and it was not locked. Although, the little girl did not intend to hurt his cousin’s brother. The duo was playing and having a good time. Everything happened by mistake. 

Harvey’s Reaction to the Video Trending on Youtube

Police were informed by Paris and Kuaron’s grandmother that there had been no physical altercation and that both kids were enjoying their time with each other. The Harvey family will stand by one another. She added that the gun accidentally discharged rather than being fired on purpose.

People are debating various topics on the internet, like why Paris committed suicide. But nothing is yet clear, and the police inquiry into the situation is still ongoing. Cops are also trying to figure out to whom the gun belonged. On Telegram, the incident video was also popular.


The Harvey Family was devastated after their kids Kuaron and Paris died, aged 14 years and 12 years, respectively. As per sources, on Kuaron’s birthday, Paris found a pistol at her cousin’s house. And while playing with it, she accidentally kills Kuaron and then shoots herself by mistake. Read authentic details here.

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Do Read Updates on Kuaron Harvey Live Video: FAQs

Q1. What are the details about Kuaron Harvey?

A1. Kuaron Harvey was a little boy, and on 25th March 2022, it was his 14th birthday. 

Q2. How did Kuaron Harvey die?

A2. Kuaron was shot by his 12-year-old cousin Paris Harvey on 25th March’s midnight. 

Q3. Why did Paris Harvey shoot Kuaron?

A3. Little Paris had no intention of killing his cousin’s brother. The pistol she found at his home was not locked and was fired accidentally while she was playing with it. 

Q4. Why did Paris was at Kuaron’s home?

A4. Paris went to Kuaron’s house to celebrate his 14th birthday. And then she stayed back at Kuaron’s house for a night stay.  

Q5. Is the video on Kuaron Harvey Incident available on Tiktok?

A5. No, the video footage has been removed from all the social media sites. Although many claimed to have the video but the original video is not available.

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