[Full Original Video] Kirra Hart Video Twitter: Has Someone Beat up Her in Australia? Find Reddit Attack Pictures Link Here!

The article describes all the details of Kirra Hart Video Twitter and gives insight into the full incident.

Have you come across the recent video of Kirra Hart? People from all over Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States are talking about the viral Twitter video where Kirra can be seen seriously hurt.

We will disclose all the details about the recent video in this article. Keep reading this article to know the details.

Disclaimer: we do not intend to post any fake news. The news provided is authentic to its origin.

Latest updates on Twitter on Kirra Hart

According to the sources and online posts, Kirra was invited by ladies named Rhynisha and Chloe. A video circulating online shows that the ladies attacked this young girl and were injured heavily. She underwent surgery due to the extremity of the injuries that she sustained. After the incident, her friends created a fund page to help her with the medical expenses.

Is there any Kirra Hart Reddit video available?

The incident video is also available on all online websites and Reddit. People are backlashing the incident, and they condemn the two ladies’ behavior. The exact reason behind this brutal behavior is unknown. 

People are horrified to find the video online and have expressed their anger and outrage on social media pages.

Kirra Heart Attack Video Download

Those willing to download the video can try it online, as it is available on every social media platform. We know she was taken to the hospital after the brutal assault and has a broken nose. As per the reports, she is released from the hospital but still in a traumatic condition. 

The incident occurred on March 16, 2023, after she was called on for a sleepover by these ladies whom she understood as her friends.

Details of Kirra Hart Beat up Video

In the beat-up video, we can find Kirra being brutally tortured. She was stabbed with a knife, and the ladies punched her. The two ladies were not arrested yet as they were below the age limit, so they got only finds and a warning.

There are a lot of attack videos on the internet, and people find them very demeaning.

What is present in the Kirra Hart Australia Video?

The incident shook her family and friends, and they were shocked to find her bleeding and swollen. They took her to the hospital, and she was taken for surgery. People are speculating several things about the video, and they backlashes the incident.

Check out Kirra Hart Pictures

People can find the video about the incident online, and also they can find pictures of her family and friends. Some pictures of her after the incident have been revealed, and one can find them too online.

Social media links


The incident has shaken people all over the world, and they are demanding strict action. People eager to know the complete details about the incident can find it on various platforms.


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Kirra Hart Video Twitter-FAQs

  1. Where did the incident take place?

The incident took place in Australia.

  1. What is her age?

She is a 14-year-old girl.

  1. Are the culprits behind bars?

No, they have been fined and warned due to their ages.

  1. What are the names of the ladies who beat Kirra?

Rhynisha Grech and Chloe Denman.

  1. Where did the charity fund have been put up?

The GoFundMe page has been put up to assist her with medical expenses.

  1. Is the video available on Twitter?


  1. What are the ages of the attackers?

Their ages are unknown.

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