[Full Original Video] Kevin Gates Birth Video- Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, Twitter, What Did Kevin Gates Post?

The Kevin Gates Birth Video is rising the temperature among the audience on social platforms. The post made Kevin’s fans shocked and express their feelings. Read and know more.

Do you like rap songs? If yes, are you aware of Kevin Gates? You may have known him because he is quite a famous rapper. Recently, he has been news due to some videos circulated on social platforms. Kevin fans Worldwide are curious to watch the video. But is it worth watching?

People are reposting the content further, which is trending on every search engine. Do you know why it is so? What made this video became trending? We investigated Kevin Gates Birth Video and reported some essential detail here.

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What is Kevin Gates’s trending video?

Kevin Gates stunned his internet followers by posting a video of a woman giving birth. He posted this footage on 07th May 2023. He shared this video through a live Not Safe for Work Instagram post. 

The caption said it is the most beautiful thing on the earth and a gift of life. Upon looking into the video, it seems shot at home. The mother is delivering her baby, and the father catches the baby after delivery.

What is Kevin Gates's trending video

The video shocked many audiences, and some questioned whether the woman in the footage was Kevin’s wife. Check the facts in the post of Kevin below.

What Did Kevin Gates Post? 

The footage posted on Instagram showing a woman giving birth is not the original footage shoot by Kevin. Hence, the woman in the video is not Kevin’s wife.

The original footage was uploaded on 15th April to an account @indiebirth. This post’s caption says it is the celebration time because it is Black maternal health week. Kendra offers a wisdom experience by sharing a birth video.

This video is Viral On Reddit and getting tremendous attention. People are looking for the original post now. 

Where is the footage available?

If you are eager to watch the original footage, you can look at the @indiebirth account. The content is too sensitive and recommended to watch if you are an adult. 

@indiebirth account has 88.2K followers, with over 500K likes on the childbirth post. 

Memes on Kevin Gates’s post

After watching Kevin Gates’s post on childbirth, his fans posted a meme on Twitter. They express their shock through the different types of memes. Creativity and effort in preparing this meme are excellent.

One Twitter user posted a meme with the sponge bob with the caption me after watching Kevlin’s post. Another user’s meme shows a man giving a tight punch on his laptop screen and destroying it completely.

Numerous memes and reels are also available on Tiktokexpressing Kevin fans’ shock and frustration after watching a video.

Kevin Gates Wikipedia

  • Full name: Kevin Jerome Gilyard
  • Date of birth:5th February 1986
  • Age:37-year-old
  • Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Profession: songwriter and American rapper
  • Start year of musical career: 2007
  • Education: Master’s degree in psychology
  • Marital status: Married
  • Wife: Dreka Gates
  • Children: Two
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Originally Christian but practicing Muslim since 2016
  • Net worth: 3$ million

Kevin Gates’s childbirth videos are trending on different social platforms like TelegramThe original footage is available on the internet. However, Kevin’s post is missing.

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Kevin Gates music fans are horrified after watching his Instagram post. Another account reposted the post. However, we do not find the report on Kevin’s Insta account.

Did you have a look at the child’s birth footage? Share your feeling in the comments.

Kevin Gates Birth Video –FAQ

Q1. Is the Kevin footage available on his Instagram account?

No, it seems he had deleted the reposted post about childbirth.

Q2. What is the name of Kevin Children?

Khaza and Islah

  Q3. How many followers does Kevin Gates have on Instagram?

10.9 million

Q4. What is Kevin Gates famous for?

Kevin is a popular entrepreneur and rapper who became famous for his autobiographical writing style. His raps had a unique touch with southern beats.

Q5. What do Kevin Gate fans call his raps?

Fans called his raps a confessional anthem.

Q6. Is Kevin Gates’s trending birth video available on Youtube?


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