{Watch Video Link} Junior Guzman Video Twitter: Details On Feliz Video

This analysis on Junior Guzman Video Twitter will give you the complete outlook of the murder of Lesandro Guzman

Have you heard about Lesandro Guzman’s death case? Recently, footage has been circulating online which belongs to Junior Guzman Video Twitter. This footage has shocked the people of the United States, France, and Italy. However, not everyone is aware of this murder case. So, we will guide you on the murder case of Lesandro Guzman. Please read it here. 

Video Of Murder Of Lesandro Guzman! 

As per our research, CCTV footage has been circulating on several online sites and social media channels like Twitter, Reddit, etc, in which we can see a young boy being chased by a group of people and dragged out of the convenience store, and hitten brutally. The boy in this video is identified as Lesandro Guzman Feliz. The viral Junior Guzman Feliz Video also showed the image of people who were chasing Lesandro in a car after he went out to meet his friend. 

This incident took place around five years ago on June 20, 2018. The police had arrested fourteen members of a gang of Dominican American. Lesandro noticed that someone is following him in the car. As soon as he noticed, he tried to hide in the convenience store. The store’s owner did not understand what was going on and he did allow Lesandro to seek shelter, but when he came to know that somebody is following him, the owner allowed this young boy to hide behind the counter.

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Junior Guzman Video Twitter: Why Was He Killed? 

As per the sources, all the suspects were arrested and presented before the court. After enquiring about this murder, it was revealed that Lesandro Guzman Feliz was murdered but he was not supposed to be murdered. This means it was an incident of mistaken identity. The innocent kid of only 15 died due to mistaken identity. All the members of Dominican American gang were presented before the court and some were charged with first-degree murder and second-degree murder. Also, the charges of conspiracy were imposed. Not only this, the judge charged them with torturing the kid before killing him. 

Junior Guzman Feliz Video clearly shows how brutal this murder was and how insanely and cold-heartedly the gang members had killed the innocent. 

DISCLAIMER: We empathize with the death of this young kid. However, we do not intend to interfere in the death matter, but we intend to provide information on the viral video. The video is easily available on social media channels. 

Protest For The Justice! 

This murder case was one of the most popular murder cases of 2018-19 where a mob gathered and raised their voice for justice for Guzman. People went onto the streets with posters in their hands. Junior Guzman Video Twitter left a severe impact on everyone’s life. This shocking incident compelled everyone to come together and ask for justice for Lesandro. Even in the courtroom, people presented such posters. Hashtags like #justiceforjunior started trending on several social channels including Twitter and Instagram. The video started circulating again on social media to remember this incident. 


Wrapping up this content here, we have put our best efforts to inform you about the murder case of Junior Guzman. We hope that all the details on this murder case will be helpful to you. 

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