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The guide is to update the readers about the John Leonard Pepsi Jet case narrated in the documentary series by Netflix.

Do you know who John Leonard is? How he sued a soft drink company to get a military jet? You may check out the story of the two friends, Todd Hoffman and John Leonard, who embarked on an idea to sue a soft drink company for a loophole and claim a military jet. 

It was a true story of two friends in the 90s when the company invested millions of money in grabbing the drinkers’ attention. After the documentary series was released on Netflix, many people in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom searched for John Leonard Pepsi Jet story.


What Was Case All About?

John was also attracted to the soft drinks and their ads. But he found a loophole in the advertisement. In 1996, John noticed that the company was claiming to offer Pepsi points for each bottle or can customer buyers, which can be redeemed as rewards. 

For 90 points, consumers would get a t-shirt; for 140 points, they would get a leather jacket, and at the end of the ad, it shows a Harrier Jet with text that it can be yours with 7 million points. So, he teamed up with a friend to collect points and claim the jet. 

Did Pepsi Give Away a Jet?

No, John’s plea was rejected after filing a case in court and claiming a Harrier Jet. Hoffman and John tried to claim a cheque of $700 000, but Pepsi repulsed both because they said the ad was a joke.

Soon the case got a new name, Pepsi Points Case, and was supervised by Judge Kimba Wood. John claimed that he collected the Pepsi points and was entitled to a Harrier Jet because there was no disclaim in the ads.

The judge added that no one would believe in an advertisement offering anything serious. Leonard and Hoffman finally claimed that the judge favored Pepsi because she was a corporate lawyer.     

What Happened to John?

The case was registered 25 years ago, the plea was rejected in the court, and John went without a Harrier jet. John filed the case when he was a student, and now he resides in Talkeetna, Alaska, and is 48 now. 

He is serving as a national park ranger in Alaska. He is married to Dottie, and they have a son and daughter. According to the Wiki page, Hoffman and John are still friends, and recently they went on an expedition to the highest peak of Antarctica.

Hoffman and John feature in the new documentary series released on Netflix, where they were seen explaining the case. 


John and Hoffman are two friends from Alaska who were in the news these days after a documentary series on Netflix was released, showcasing their story where they took over Pepsi for a Harrier Jet. The duo filed a case for a Commercial ad where they found a loophole. Check the Advertisement here. 

Unfortunately, their plea was rejected by the court, and both didn’t receive any compensation or a Harrier military jet for collecting the required Pepsi points. 

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