[Full Original Video] Jiji Plays Viral Video: Check Jiji Plays Real Name, Also Explore Content Of Viral Video

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Do you know who Jiji Plays is? Have you watched any of Jiji Plays content on social media or On YouTube? Do you follow Jiji? This article will provide sufficient information if you are searching for details on the Jiji Plays Viral Video. Everyone from the Philippines is curious about Jiji and any scandal related to her. This article will assist you with precise information; let us read.  

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Details On Jiji Plays Scandal

Jiji is a teenage girl who mostly creates gaming videos and other social media content. She is very popular on YouTube and Facebook. Thus, she is always surrounded by controversies. We have searched the internet thoroughly for any scandal details about Jiji, but no such information is available. There was a baseless rumor of her being involved explicitly with a boy. But there is no evidence to support the rumors.  

Disclaimer: All the information in the article has been compiled from different internet sources. 

Jiji Plays Real Name and Other Details

The famous gaming star Jiji’s real name is Jhewelry Hershely Dela Cerna, and she is just 14 years old. Very little information about Jiji is available. However, details about her location were never disclosed; as per her dialect, she is from the Philippines because she speaks Filipino. People are also very interested in her relationship status. But there is again no proper information available. 

On her YouTube channel, she talks about her crushes normally but never seriously reveals whether she has a boyfriend. It has been rumored that she was in a relationship with celiboy. And there is a Jiji Plays Viral Video of her cuddling with him. But we also could not find it, and the video was over a year old. 

Jiji’s Social-Media 


Jiji has 258 thousand subscribers; her channel was created in September 2020. Her channel has 5,940,011 views. She has linked her Facebook account to YouTube.


Jiji has 4.1 million followers, and she is following only 8 people. Per her personal information on Facebook, she is from Bulacan, Philippines. She has also provided a phone number and business email. 

Instagram: The link to her Instagram account is not traceablemaybe because of Jiji Plays Viral Scandal. Her Facebook account is also not accessible from some connections, and many controversies and fake rumors are spreading. 


The article has explained many details about the gaming star from the Philippines, Jiji Plays. She has been surrounded by controversies and rumors for some time now. There is no evidence to support the rumors spreading about her. We have researched the internet. Click here to open one of her YouTube videos

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Follow Updates on Jiji Plays Viral Video: FAQs

Q1. Who is Jiji?

A1. Jiji is a 14-year-old gaming star on YouTube. She posts gaming-related content on her channel.

Q2. Where is she from?

A2. According to her Facebook profile, she is from Bulacan, Philippines.

Q3. What is Jiji’s real name?

A3. Her real name is Jhewelry Hershely Dela Cerna. 

Q4. Is Jiji Plays famous?

A4. Yes, Jiji is very famous. Her YouTube channel is Jiji Plays, and she has more than 250k followers. 

Q5. Why is she trending on social media?

A5. The topic Jiji Plays Viral Video is trending on various social media platforms, for example, Twitter and Reddit. But there is no direct information regarding this keyword anywhere.

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