Jack Showalter Idaho Parents- Know More Details On Address, Mother, Africa, Social Media, Hunting Photo!

Read exclusive details unavailable elsewhere about Jack Showalter Idaho Parents to know about a key suspect and the current whereabouts of his parents.

Did you know that Ethan Chapin (Male, 20 years), Madison Mogen (F, 21 years), Kaylee Goncalves (Female, 21 years), and Xana Kernodle (F, 20 years), the four students of UoI, the United States were murdered on 13th-November-2022 when they were asleep? The victims’ parents did not suspect any foul play by any of their friends. 

How are Jack and his parents related to the murder incident? Let’s find out about Jack Showalter Idaho Parents.

About Jack and his parents:

Jack’s parents are doctors. Jack’s father, Larry D Showalter, is an MD at St. Luke’s Clinic in Idaho. Jack’s mother, Kelly Showalter, is also an MD. It suggests that Jack was born into a respectable and wealthy family. However, due to his inappropriate behaviour with girls, he was detained from the fraternity chapter of Delta Tau Delta at the UoI.

On the night of the murder incident, Jack was seen in a food truck. The four murder victims were buying foodstuff from the food truck when some minor controversy started with Jack, that was shown on TikTok Hunting Photo. One of the students used the profanity FU and pointed her finger at Jack. Jack wore black pants, a white t-shirt, and a black hoodie.

Jack tried to hide from the camera and covered his face under the hoodie. It was suspicious behaviour. Further investigations revealed that Jack’s house was near and within one-minute walkable distance from the murder site. After the murders, Jack and his family moved to Africa.

The whereabouts of Jack and his parents came to light when a social media post informed that JS (Jack Showalter) had moved overseas. Address of his father was found to be – Portico E, #3399 E Louise Drive Suite#200, Meridian, ID-83642, USA. Following the post, a few comments requested his location. A few netizens posted pictures of Jack’s apartment. However, the pictures did not help in tracking his exact location.


About Jack and his parents

Jack’s social media pages included recent pictures with his mother in a deserted area with little greenery. With the background, it was concluded that Jack and his parents are in Africa.

Police have collected a considerable amount of information but did not confirm officially if Jack is a suspect (or) if he moved to Africa.

Social media links:


Jack was seen in video footage in a food truck. The food truck was selling food items, and four victims/students of UoI bought snacks. On the night of the murder, one of the students used profanity and pointed a finger at Jack, suggesting some minor controversy. After the murder of four students, Jack and his parents moved to Africa.

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Jack Showalter Idaho Parents – FAQ

Q.1 Who is Jack Showalter?

Jack was a former student at the UoI who was dismissed due to inappropriate behaviour.

Q.2 Why is Jack related to the murder of four UoI students?

Kaylee, Madison, and Xana were buying food from a food truck a few hours before their murder. One of them used profanity FU and pointed a finger at the guy wearing a hoodie, identified as Jack.

Q.3 How was it revealed that Jack and his family are in Africa?

Netizens followed his social media account, which showed recent pictures of Jack and his Mother, Kelly in Africa. Click here to know more


Q.4 Is Jack involved in the murder of four students?

The camera footage suggests minor verbal controversy between the students and Jack. The same night they were murdered. However, the police did not officially confirm that Jack was involved in the murder.

Q.5 Why are the netizens pointing to Jack as the primary suspect?

On the night of the murder, the four students had some type of issue with Jack, and one of the students used profanity and pointed a finger at him. Netizens suspect Jack as a key suspect as he and his family fled overseas as shown in Social Media posts.

Q.6 Who are the suspects in the murders?

Police had received more than 1K tips about the murder and interviewed more than 136 people. The police have a list of suspects but refrain from giving information about them.

Q.7 Is the location of Jack in Africa identified?

A few people tagged the location of Jack and posted a picture of a house. However, the site was untraceable with the images provided by the netizens.

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