Is Ulsiuet Scam or Legit {March 2023} Check Reviews!

The article answers Is Ulsiuet Scam or Legit and gives insight to the buyers about all the details of the website and emphasizes on customer’s reaction.

Are you looking for trendy clothes? Women from the United States are thrilled to know about the website that sells different varieties of clothes at a reasonable price. They are desperately waiting for a detailed review of the website so that they can purchase from the store.

The website deals in plus-size clothing too, which is a great option for women who come under that category. It is mandatory to know the legitimacy details of the website and know the answer to Is Ulsiuet Scam or Legit?

Is Ulsiuet Legit? Know the complete information here!

  • The website’s domain was created on 9th February 2023, only a month ago.
  • The portal’s expiry date is not seen.
  • The trust index of the website is only 5%, which is a very poor score.
  • The portal is not listed under the blocklisted websites.
  • The phishing score is 11/100.
  • The malware score of the website is 8/100.
  • The spam score of the portal is listed to be 2/100.
  • A valid HTTPS connection is seen on the website.
  • No social media links, such as Facebook and Instagram, are posted on the website.
  • The website’s popularity score is poor, the score is zero, which hints that online customers do not use the portal.
  • We have not found any Ulsiuet Reviews online.
  • The proximity score to the suspicious websites is 32/100.
  • The owner’s information is not mentioned on the website.

Know about the Ulsiuet Website

Ulsiuet is an online website that sells various kinds of dresses for men and women. The store has various trendy jeans, dresses, tops, and a special category for plus-size people. The website provides huge discounts on products so that people can purchase clothes from online websites easily and comfortably. 

Specifications to know Is Ulsiuet Scam or Legit

  • The URL of the portal is
  • The email id mentioned online is
  • The company is named Kentesh Ltd, and the registration number is provided.
  • The shipping and delivery period may vary between 7 to 35 days.
  • Buyers are allowed to return the products within 30 days.
  • You can initiate return request within 3 days to get your refund. 
  • People can opt for online modes of payment through VISA, MasterCard, JCB and other modes.


  • There are varieties of clothes provided for the buyers.
  • The website allows a 30-day return policy.

Ulsiuet Reviews Cons

  • We have not come across any buyers; or reviews.
  • No details of the owner are mentioned online.
  • The address mentioned is not the return address of the products.
  • The contact number is not found anywhere on the online portal.

Check Customer Reviews!

Customer reviews are mandatory for any online store to increase its traffic on the portal. But we have not seen any testimonials by the buyers about the products sold on the website.

No social media links are available that describe the website and reach the customers to help them purchase from the store. Click here to learn the tips related to Credit Card Scams.

Final Summary

We can now say that the website is not legitimate, and people must refrain from purchasing anything from this store. No Ulsiuet Reviews are present, so we advise you to kindly go through the complete details and purchase from the authentic stores. 

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What are your views on the online website? Comment below.

Is Ulsiuet Scam or Legit-FAQs

Q1. Is there urgent shipping allowed on the website?

Yes, urgent shipping is done for some countries, but the time varies from one country to another. The users can check the details online and know what period they fall into.

Q2. Do the buyers need to pay duties and customs taxes?

The buyers are not needed to pay any customs tax, and only some countries must clear the customs taxes. Those needing to pay the taxes will be informed and can directly contact the email address provided.

Q3. What are the delivery fees for the products?

The delivery fees depend on the country to country based on the freight rules. The rules are disclosed on the top section of the website, and once the order is placed, all the details will be calculated on the payment page.

Q4. To which all places are the products shipped?

The products are shipped worldwide, and the delivery time varies depending on the country where the product is shipped.

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