Is Scam Or Legit {April} Read Reviews!

Is Scam or Legit? You can read the facts-based information on the Sorcard shop that will help you to judge its reliability.

Do you want to change the collection in your wardrobe? If yes, you can swap the collection with Sorcard shop in the United States. But, Is Scam or Legit? This post will help the readers to know the permissibility of the Sorcard shop so that it can help the shoppers to detect the nature of the website and the seller of the shop. Kindly read it here. 


The Legitimacy Of The Sorcard Shop! 

  • Registration Date: January 5, 2023, is the creation date of the shop. The website looks short-lived with three months of lifespan.
  • Trust Index: The trustability of the Soracrd shop is poor. It got a 27.7/100 score.
  • Phishing Factor: It got a high phishing score of 61/100.
  • Malware Score: The Sorcard shop has the presence of 47/100 malware score. 
  • Shopper’s Feedback: No genuine Reviews are available on any online website. The testimonials on the website are also missing.
  • Social Accounts: This shop does not have any profiles on social media pages. Hence, it is not a trustworthy portal.
  • Missed Facts: We did not find the phone number of the domain.
  • Data Privacy: We have found the availability of the HTTPS server on the website.

Overview Of The Sorcard Shop! 

Sorcard shop has an amazing collection of outfits, sweaters, sandals, tops, etc for women. They sell products at a budget-friendly price so that anyone can afford them. 

  • Floral Lace Button T-Shirt
  • Casual Floral T-shirt
  • Solid Pullover Loose Sweater
  • Midi Dress
  • Flip Flop Heel Sandals 

Features As Determined in Is Scam or Legit!

  • URL:
  • Phone Number: It is unavailable.
  • Email Id:
  • Return Policy: The goods can be returned within 14 days if found defective.
  • Shipping Policy: The orders are shipped and delivered to the customers within 5-12 working days. 
  • Payment Options: Visa, Maestro, Discover, American Express, MasterCard, etc. 

Positive Points

  • The Email id and company address are present on the website.

Negative Points

  • No customer opinions are available on the website and online review sites. 
  • Social accounts are unfound on the site. Reviews

Our team has completed the research on the Sorcard shop. The website looks fake due to some of the legitimacy factors. The primary reason for calling this website fake is that it does not have any reliable reviews on it. The products are not reviewed by any purchaser. This means that the shop is not user-friendly. The online review portals are also deprived of reviews. Secondly, the website did not have any profiles on social media. Thus, we cannot say that it is a popular and genuine store. So, Is Scam or Legit? Shoppers should read the useful methods to avoid the tricks of PayPal Scammers.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up this post, we have mentioned all the necessary details on the Sorcard shop. The site looks to be registered around three months ago. The trust count of the website is extremely poor. Thus, it shows that the shop seems not a genuine station to shop. The shoppers of this website must check the updates on the ways to avoid Credit Card Scamming. Some facts based on the Sandals have been shared in this post. 

Would you like to share your views on the Sorcard shop? Kindly give your opinions in the comment section below.

Is Scam or Legit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the return scheme of the Sorcard shop? 

Ans. The purchasers can return the goods within two weeks after they found them defective.

Q2. What are the goods sold at the Sorcard Shop? 

Ans. The shop has a collection of sandals, dresses, tops, sweaters, etc. You can find numerous products.

Q3. Does the shop have any reviews on its collection? 

Ans. No, the domain is deprived of customer testimonials.

Q4. Does the shop have any accounts on social media? 

Ans. The website does not have profiles on social media platforms. Hence, it seems not a genuine and friendly store.

Q5. Is Scam or Legit

Ans. The Sorcard shop does not look reliable because it got a poor lifespan and an abysmal trust index. Moreover, the reviews are unfound.

Q6. What is the longevity of the Sorcard shop? 

Ans. The longevity of the website is poor. It was enrolled around three months ago. 

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