Is Rearram com Scam {June 2021} Read The Full Review!

Is Rearram com Scam {June 2021} Read The Full Review! -> Is the store selling women’s belts is misleading its customers? Read the content to get the answer.

Do you want to try fashionable belts made with velvet and leather? Then, here is today’s content that shares the highlights of the Rearram store.

The lockdown has increased the number of online shopping users in the United States, and so does the shuttle of many scam portals have opened. It has become the need of an hour to get aware of all the facts of the store before checking out the payments from it.

So, we will check out every aspect of the Rearram and try to find the answer to Is Rearram com Scam?

Rearram Store -Is it trustworthy?

Before getting to know about the store’s collection, it’s better to know if it’s legit or not. The below-mentioned points are opening the hidden facts of Rearram.

  • It is a new portal that was registered on 10 June 2021. The services of the store are available for one year only.
  • The store has a trust index of 28.1%, as shared by the scam detector.
  • The website is not available on the social media apps like Facebook and Instagram.
  • No buyer has put down Rearram com Reviews on the popular platforms like Trustpilot.
  • The email id shared by the company does not contain the domain name.
  • An invalid physical address is provided on the webpage to mislead the customers.
  • The company gives only a short period to return items.
  • The about us page of the store is unavailable. Moreover, the details of its services seem to be copied.
  • Very limited and insufficient information is available on the site, which raises lots of questions in viewers’ minds.

Is Rearram com Scam? The store is new and highly suspicious. So, to share our final statement over it, we have to know about its collection, features and services in detail.

What is Rearram com?

Rearram is an online store selling fashionable belts for women. The store has shared the newest and trendy belts that match all your outfits. The exclusive colors, shapes and sizes of the belts can attract any customer easily.

The company offers metal buckle belts, thin strap belts, non-porous and many other varieties for the customers. Moreover, we can put up these with casual and formal outfits to admire our looks.

But by getting the answer of Is Rearram com Scam, does this collection attracts you? Well, you might be doubtful about answering this question. So, let’s know about the specific features of the domain.

Specifications of Rearram com

  • URL –
  • Type of the store – a website is selling fashionable belts for women.
  • Contact address – 2947 Austin Ave, Clovis, US
  • Phone number – 7067610003
  • Email address –
  • Contact person- Roseanne Peters
  • Returns- 14 days are provided to the buyers to return the items.
  • Payment methods- PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
  • Shipping timing – Unavailable

Pros of Rearram com

  • Fashionable belts are available.
  • The store uses an HTTPS connection.

Cons of Rearram com

  • On answering, Is Rearram com Scam, we found many red flags of the website.
  • The store is registered a few days back, and its services are also available for a short period.
  • The website does not share any information related to the delivery of its items. Moreover, shipping details are incomplete.
  • The main page of the portal lacks social media icons. 
  • The store does not contain information on the company’s history and business establishment.

To get more details of the website along with proper visualization, visit the below-mentioned link.

What are Rearram com Reviews? 

Customer feedbacks are one of the crucial factors that help to determine the store’s legitimacy. But unfortunately, no reviews are shared by the buyers on the official website of Rearram as well as on Trustpilot.

The suspicious contact information and absence of the store on Facebook and Instagram make it challenging for the customers to remain in contact with the company. 

Moreover, the drawbacks of the store will not attract many visitors in the future, so chances of getting positive feedbacks are less.


Sharing our final verdict over Is Rearram com Scam? We consider the store to be highly suspicious so, do not shop from it. Instead, explore some other e-shopping sites for purchasing belts.

Have you tried the collection of the store? Please share your experience with us.

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