Is Partypalooza Scam or Legit {April 2023} Check Reviews!

The write-up over Is Partypalooza Scam or Legit, will guide our shoppers to calculate website genuineness and worthiness. Stay with us for more updates.

Are you looking for a website that deals in vehicle parts, home products, within other items? Then you should go with, that is dealing with mentioned items. This website has recently got recognition in the online shopping market in the United States.

The website is gaining popularity nationwide, but shoppers are eager to know Is Partypalooza Scam or LegitSo, there is a need to make an in-depth study of the portal’s vital facts.


Is an authorized portal?

  • It was created on 7th April 2023, and it is only 23-days old.
  • The website holds its expiry date as 7th April 2024.
  • We do not calculate the website trust score.
  • On the website’s official page, shoppers did not trace any social media networking sites’ logos.
  • The website has maintained all reliable policies.
  • Its trust index is 1.4%.
  • The threat and phishing scores collectively are 174%.
  • We found mixed Partypalooza Reviews.
  • The website shares a 79% malware score.
  • On Alexa, it is unable to find out its place.
  • We found a genuine SSL certificate to protect the shopper’s details.
  • In its legal detail, the name of its proprietor has been ignored.

A quick overview of is an online site that retails in the home products category, such as mini sewing machine Music Boxes, decorative melting clocks, vehicle parts, etc. It claims that it offers vehicle parts at a competitive cost. It offers lifetime support to its customers via mail and phone. Its local store is located in California.

Specification to get facts on it –Is Partypalooza Scam or Legit

  • The web address shared by the website is–
  • The confirmed e-mail address is-
  • Cell phone number-Not available.
  • Recorded physical location- Not tracked by shoppers on the portal.
  • Delivery period- 12 to 20 days.
  • Shipping costs– Not mentioned.
  • Free shipping– It is available.
  • Return policy- Customers can apply for a return within 14 days after product delivery.
  • Refund Policy-You will get your return within a few days after the entire return process.
  • Cancellation policy-The store accepts order cancellation before the product is shipped or produced. 
  • Modes of payments- MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Amex, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.

Is Partypalooza Scam or Legit– Stay with its profit-

  • Buyers can explore excellent vehicle parts and home products at a reasonable cost.
  • Shoppers can report issues via the verified e-mail address.
  • You can use all the important shopping strategies of the portal.
  • We found its reviews also on the internet site.
  • The best thing about the store is it offers lifetime customer support.

Losses of the website-

  • We did not get its communication number.
  • The Partypalooza is a young domain and lacks in its popularity.
  • It’s rank on Alexa is not available.
  • Its social media web page is also missing.
  • Its store location is mentioned but lacks its physical address.
  • The name of its holder is not maintained.

Focused on Partypalooza Reviews

The website lacks a social media page, but we found mixed client feedback on the other internet site. The client stated that its services are awesome and only two days after they received their order. 

While few of the clients stated that, they did not receive their order even though the store ignored the due date of delivery. Its contact policy is also poor. Learn about- Get a Full Refund on PayPal Scam.

The Final Verdict-

The portal receives mixed feedback, and it is too new a domain. Moreover, many of the important facts are ignored by the store. Therefore, we cannot say it is a legit shopping portal. Get to know details about How to Get a Full Credit Card Refund If Scammed.

Is Partypalooza Scam or Legit: FAQs-

Q.1 What kind of shipping strategy does it offers?

Ans- Standard, VIP, and Express shipping are offered by it.

Q.2 Is it offering free shipping?

Ans- Yes.

Q.3 What are the charges for express shipping?

Ans– $25.

Q.4 Are there any charges on the cancellation policy?

Ans- It offers charge-free cancellation.

Q.5 Is it offering a full refund on cancellation?

Ans- Yes, full refund cancellation is available.

Q.6 What about its restocking charges?

Ans- No restocking fee to be charged to the consumers for the return of a product.

Q.7 Is Partypalooza Scam or Legit a reliable shopping website?

Ans- No, it is a poorly organized domain and missed many crucial details to favor clients.

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