Is Obaapa Store Scam or Legit {April 2023} Reviews!

This post will discuss Is Obaapa Store Scam or Legit and the customer’s reviews on this website.

Are you looking for an online shop for artificial jewellery? Do you purchase women’s accessories online? If you browse online, you must find many stores selling a huge alluring variety of women’s accessories. However, an online shop currently features good quality women’s jewellery and accessories.

Since online business is growing, many people try to make money by doing several frauds in online shopping. There are endless number of websites which are selling low-quality products or making money out of the people. In the United States, one such website is becoming popular as, Obaapa Store. So, let’s check Is Obaapa Store Scam or Legit.


Analysis factors of Obaapa Store’s legitimacy factors

  • The website was created on Thursday, 30th December 2021, 0at 7:01 am.
  • The domain expiry date is not mentioned.
  • The trust index website scored only 64.9%, an average trust score for any website.
  • The website score of 0 in terms of popularity means the website has no traffic as nobody reaches the website.
  • Since the day the website was created, it was never blacklisted by any domain.
  • This website is secure with the HTTPs; thus, it is secure to use.
  • The website’s proximity to suspicion is 11 out of 100.
  • Sources suggested that the website scored 16 out of 100 regarding threat profiles and Phishing.
  • We haven’t found any Obaapa Store Reviews on Google.
  • The website scored 14 scores out of 100 in Malware.
  • This website is reported as spam by 1 person/website.
  • The owner’s details were missing.

About Obaapa Store

It is an ecommerce website selling numerous women’s jewellery, accessories, necklace set, beauty products, and much more. This website sells a huge variety of products at attractive prices. Besides this, there is a huge discount on the products. You can check this website to achieve women’s products at a great additional discount. Moreover, they have a good range of beauty products also.

If you want to learn more about the Obaapa shop, then below we have mentioned more specifications about this website for your better understanding.

Some more specification about Obaapa to check Is Obaapa Store Scam or Legit

  • Name: The official name of the website is Obaapa Store.
  • URL:
  • Email Address: The email address is not mentioned on the website.
  • Address: We haven’t found any address mentioned on the website.
  • Postal Code: There is no postal code mentioned on the website.
  • Phone Number: The owner hasn’t mentioned any phone number or contact details on the website.
  • Shipping Charge: We haven’t found any details for shipping charges on the website.
  • Return Policy: They haven’t mentioned any return policy on the website.
  • Chat Process: On the website, there is no facility for chatting.
  • Payment Mood: They accept all major payment moods, including Paypal, debit and credit cards.
  • Obaapa Store Reviews: There is no review section on the website, and we also haven’t found any reviews on google.
  • Cancellation policy: There is no description of the cancellation policy we found.
  • Delivery Policy: On the website, there is no delivery policy mentioned.

Pros of the website

  • They accept all payment modes.  

Cons of the website

  • The website is absent on every social media platform.
  • No return policy, chat process, delivery policy, or cancellation policy is mentioned on the website.
  • No phone number or postal address is mentioned anywhere on this website.

Customer reviews on Obaapa Store

Customer reviews play a vital role in understanding the website’s legitimacy, but we haven’t found any customer reviews. Besides this, we haven’t found any review of this website on Google. However, you must be aware of credit card fraud, and click here to learn more about the safety tips against trending Credit Card Scams. Click Here 


After checking all the legitimacy factors, the website seems to be suspicious. If you still want to use this website, use it at your own risk. However, to avoid scams, purchasing products from some reliable source is always better. Also, click here to know about the ongoing PayPal Scams. 

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Is Obaapa Store Scam or Legit– FAQs

Q1. Do they have a refund policy?

Ans. No, we haven’t found any information about the refund policy on the website.

Q2. Is this website sell male products also?

Ans. No, this website only sells women’s products. 

Q3. Can we buy the product from this website?

Ans. Yes, you can buy the bulk product from this website. 

Q4. Are beauty products clinically proven?

Ans. We are not aware of that. 

Q5. Do the products on the website have a proper description?

Ans. No, there is no description for any product. 

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