Is Fabwel Saree Scam or Legit {April 2023} Get Reviews!

The below post is in a discussion about the details of the recently registered online store Fabwel, to know Is Fabwel Saree Scam or Legit and to judge the trustworthiness.

Are you a Saree lover? Do you prefer to wear different kinds of sarees for every occasion? Fabwel is a platform for finding various types and options in Saree. This platform is registered only for the Saree collection for women. As the Saree trend continues growing all around, especially in India, women prefer to buy products at more discounts.

Let us get into other details about the website to learn about Is Fabwel Saree Scam or Legit by checking the legitimacy factors and other details. Follow the article to know more. 


Check out the below points to determine the authenticity of the portal! 

  • Registration Date: was registered officially on 11th April 2023, which is very recent. 
  • Expiration Date: The website is due to expire on 11th April 2024.
  • Trust index: The trust index shows a 100% trust rate, which indicates its safety and security. 
  • Trust Score: The trust score is 32 out of 100.
  • Fabwel Saree Reviews:The reviews for Fabwel .in are next to zero. 
  • Ranking: The popularity ranking of the online store is zero, which is very poor. 
  • Threat & Phishing Score: Both threat and Phishing score is 8 out of 100.
  • Malware & Spam Score: The Malware and Spam are 1 and 7% simultaneously.
  • Proximity to suspicious websites: The points for proximity to suspicious sites is 4.
  • Social media: The website has not been found on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 
  • Data Protection: The website’s data is protected by HTTP protocol.
  • Blacklist status: This is not found as a blacklisted site by any blacklist search engine. 

Details: to know whether Is Fabwel Saree Scam or Legit! belongs to a very popular industry under a very busy niche in the market. Overall, the site offers a variety of Saree, traditional wear in India, at the best possible prices. As the market progresses, the demand for Saturday is also rising. The types of Saree available are:

  • Silk Saree 
  • Customized Saree 
  • Banarasi Saree 
  • Linen Saree 
  • Embroidery Saree etc. 

Specifications for the Platform!

  • Name:
  • URL:
  • Contact number: Not mentioned. 
  • Address: S-29, Arham Complex, Adajan, Gujarat.
  • Email Details:
  • Free Shipping service: Not available, making people suspicious of Is Fabwel Saree Scam or Legit?
  • Payment options: Many options are available for payments, such as PayPal, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, etc. 
  • Shipping Policy: No details related to shipping are provided.
  • Return Policy: 30-day return is allowed from the purchase.

Benefits of the portal! 

  • Valid SSL certificate.
  • Not detected as a blacklisting website. 
  • All the necessary policies and location information is on the website’s page. 
  • The trust score and index are both very good. 
  • A valid data safety connection of HTTP is found. 
  • A 30 days easy return policy is available. 
  • Variety of Sarees. 

Drawbacks before considering the Fabwel Saree Reviews!

  • Some important information regarding shipping, Free delivery, and contact number is missing. 
  • No social media presence. 
  • Free shipping is not provided. 

Brief Details about the customer’s reviews on the website? 

We find reviews about next to zero on other sources. Either positive or negative, no reviews are available for the website. Moreover, know more tips and tricks to avoid PayPal scamming.

The Last Words 

After thoroughly analysing the specific and brief details and several scores, we find the online portal untrustworthy and not a legit source for shopping. Our advice to the customers is to shop from other legitimate sources. Further, click here to know more about Credit card scams. 

Is Fabwel Saree Scam or Legit: FAQs

Q1. What are the exceptions in the returns? 

Perishable goods, customer-made products, personal care items, gases, hazardous materials, and flammables are unacceptable returns. 

Q2. When can the refunds be claimed? 

Refunds are automatically transferred within 10 days of the return confirmation. 

Q3. What if refunds are not received? 

Even after 15 days, refunds are not received. You can contact the store at

Q4. What is the life expectancy of the website? 

The life expectancy is very short of the online portal, which is only around one year as it was registered not more than a month ago. 

Q5. Is Fabwel Saree Scam or Legit?

No, even though it is coming out as authentic through trust score but it is not a legit platform. 

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