[Today Update] Is Daejanae Jackson Arrested: Where Is She Now? Is She In Jail? Has The Arrest Made In Shanquella Robinson Case? Keep An Eye on Latest Updates!

In the below post, we will share Is Daejanae Jackson Arrested or not and who else got arrested in the Shanquella Robinson murder case.

Do you remember a young lady murder case who went on a trip to Mexico with her friends to celebrate one of their birthdays? After several investigations and reports, the police can find the truth behind the incident. 

Though the police can find the real culprit, there are still many unanswered questions related to this murder mystery. However, the entire United States was shocked after knowing that Shanquella Robinson had been murdered by one of her friends on a trip. The FBI also found the real culprit, so let’s find out Is Daejanae Jackson Arrested or not?

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Is Daejanae Jackson in jail?

Daejanae Jackson was found guilty in the Shanquella Robinson murder case. In a viral video, Jackson beat Robinson on the Mexico trip. According to evidence, Daejanae Jackson was responsible for Robinson. 

Thus, the police issued an arrest warrant against Jackson. But she is still not arrested despite an arrest warrant against her on Wednesday. However, Daejanae was asked to move back to Mexico so they could be arrested soon. 

Many people across the world are asking for justice for Shanquella Robinson. Thus, they want Daejanae Jackson to get arrested as soon as possible. However, people also want to know Where she is now and why she is still not arrested.

Did the police arrest Khalil Cooke?

Robinson went to Cabo, Mexico, with her six friends. They returned from the trip on 28th October, and on 29th October, Shanquella’s body was found. When they returned from the trip, Khalil Cooke, a close family friend of Robinson, also went on the trip with her. 


Did the police arrest Khalil Cooke

On 29th October, Khalil called Salamondra (Shanquella Robinson’s mother) and told her that Robinson was very ill due to overconsumption of liquor, so he had brought her belongings from Mexico. However, the police haven’t arrested either Jackson or Khalil yet. 

In the investigation, her mother said they had known Khalil for the past five years, as he spent most of his time with family. However, the police haven’t claimed who killed Shanquella Robinson.

Is She In Jail (Daejanae Jackson)?

No, she is still not getting arrested. However, the Attorney General of Mexico had said that they had issued the arrest warrant for this femicide crime, but they haven’t arrested anyone yet. 

The people are demanding justice for Shanquella Robinson and making hashtag #justiceforshanquella popular on the internet to get justice for Robinson. Many people were performing, making candlelight, and marching. 

However, many think social media played a vital role in bringing this murder case to light. Because of people’s protection, Shanquella Robinson’s murder case will reopen, and she will get justice. 

So, there is still no Arrest Made In Shanquella Robinson Case yet. For further updates, stay in touch with our latest articles.

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The Last Words

According to the FBI investigation and a viral video in which Daejanae was beating Robinson, Daejanae and Khalil were found guilty in the Robinson murder case. Though the police have issued the arrest warrant against Daejanae, neither Khali nor Daejanae was arrested in the Robinson murder case.

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Is Daejanae Jackson Arrested– FAQs

Q1. Is Daejanae Jackson getting Arrested?

No, she is still not arrested.

Q2. Was Khalil Cooke arrested in the Shanquella Robinson murder case?

Khalil Cooke was still not arrested in the Shanquella Robinson murder case.

Q3. When was Shanquella Robinson found murdered?

On 29th October, her friends informed her family that she had died.

Q4. Does she die due to overconsumption of liquor?

No, there is no evidence of liquor in her autopsy report, so she didn’t die due to overconsumption. 

Q5. How did she die?

Shanquella Robinson died due to her broken neck and spinal. 

Q6. Did anyone get arrested in the Shanquella Robinson murder case?

No, there is no arrest in the Shanquella Robinson murder case.

Q7. Is the police issuing an arrest warrant against Daejanae Jackson and Khalil Cooke?

Yes, police have issued arrest warrants against Daejanae Jackson and Khalil Cooke but haven’t arrested anyone. 

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