Is Composite Veneers Good For You? Know Here!

Have cracked, broken, chipped, coloured, or stained teeth? Are you looking to make the aesthetics of teeth? Well, dental veneers are the best option for you. With dental veneers, you can make your dentition look better while maintaining good dental health and high confidence level.

Although many people know that dental veneers are what they should use to make their smile better and more beautiful, we still get a lot of questions from patients who visit Dentakay Clinic. The major question is inquiring if composite veneers are suitable for them. 

This article will address this and other things you should know when considering composite dental veneers. 

What are dental veneers? 

Dental veneers are shell-like dental restorations placed on the teeth’ outer surface to make them look more beautiful. 

Veneers are divided into two major types based on the materials which it is made from. 

The two major types of dental veneers are; 

  1. Porcelain veneer – this is a type of dental veneer that is made from porcelain materials. It looks so much like natural teeth and lasts long. 
  2. Composite veneers – composite veneers are dental veneers made from composite materials. They also look like natural teeth and are glued to the putter surface of the teeth. 

Composite Veneers – Types

Two different types of dental veneers are made from composite materials. Although these veneers are made from the same material, the main difference is the application method. These two types of veneers are; 

Direct Composite Veneer 

As its name suggests, the direct composite veneer is a dental veneer placed and fixed directly to the teeth. It is made from tooth-like coloured resin and glued to the teeth with resin substances.

There are both disadvantages and advantages of composite, and we shall get right into them.

Indirect Composite Veneer

Indirect composite veneers are not fixed directly to the teeth, unlike direct composite veneers. They are custom-made in the laboratory or your dentist’s office. 

The process of fixing an indirect composite veneer is quite different from the direct composite veneer because there is the need to customize the veneer according to the patient’s teeth. 

Therefore, after the patient has been prepped for the dental veneers, he will get a temporary composite veneer fixed while the permanent one is being made. 

After about a week, when the permanent dental veneer is ready, the dentist will remove the temporary ones and fix the permanent ones with glue. 

Pros and Cons of Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are really good, and they have several benefits and advantages. However, they also have some disadvantages. This aspect of the article will discuss the pros and cons of composite veneers. 

Pros of Composite Veneers 

  • It is not as expensive as its counterparts
  • Direct veneers have a short application time 
  • It covers several dental aesthetic problems
  • It solves dental issues

Cons of Composite Veneers 

  • The material is a bit weaker than the porcelain veneer
  • It doesn’t last as long as porcelain veneers 
  • It needs to be replaced more often

Who is Composite Veneer For?

A lot of times, people tend to ask if the composite veneer is suitable for them and their dental situation. 

Here we shall discuss how you can know if composite veneers suit you. 

To know if composite veneers are for you, you must first understand that the final decision is based on what your dentist says. 

This is based on the fact that your dentist is the expert and has knowledge about dental health. Before a conclusion is made on the dentist’s part, he would have carried out a couple of examinations to know your dental state and which dental restoration will work best for you. 

However, below are some things that can make you know if you should consider getting composite dental veneers. 

  1. You may need a composite dental veneer if you have cracked teeth. Composite veneers will cover the natural teeth, thereby covering the cracks.
  2. You may require a composite veneer if you have broken or chipped teeth.
  3. If you have discoloured or stained teeth from either diet or some other things, you may need to get a composite dental veneer. 
  4. You may also need a composite dental veneer if you have misaligned teeth. The dentist can fix the veneers to make your teeth look aligned. 
  5. A dental veneer can also help to reduce the appearance of a gap tooth. So if you have a gap tooth, you may consider getting a composite veneer.

Procedures involved in getting a composite veneer

Many patients are curious and want to know what is included in getting a composite dental veneer. Many are concerned about what will be done to them when they decide to get a composite veneer. 

This aspect shall explain the process and how it’s done in detail. 

The first step is examination. This involves the dentist examining your teeth to know your dental condition. 

The second one is dental preparation. Here you shall be prepared for the veneers that will be placed on your teeth.

After your teeth have been prepared, the composite veneer will be fixed if you get a direct composite veneer. If not, a temporary dental veneer will be fixed while the custom-made indirect composite veneer is prepared. 

Once the interest composite veneers are done from the laboratory in the dentist’s office, the temporary ones will be removed while the permanent one is fixed.

Once the composite veneer is fixed, all you need to do is go for your post-procedure care. 

Final thoughts

A composite veneer is suitable for everyone who wants to beautify their smile and be more confident. It is one of the well-known dental restorations.

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