Is Colleey-shop Scam Or Legit {Mar} Read Full Reviews!

Is Colleey-Shop Scam or Legit? The facts on the authenticity of the Colleey shop have been discussed in-depth here. So, please read it below.

Are you planning to buy electronic or houseware items? If yes, then you must give a chance to the Colleey store in the United States. However, you should know: Is Colleey-Shop Scam or Legit? If any shopper wants to have complete details on the reliability of the Colleey shop, then you can get all the facts related to the Colleey shop from this website. So, read this post thoroughly. 

The Legitimacy of The Colleey Shop! 

  • Phishing Score: The Colleey shop has an availability of a phishing count of 20/100.
  • Registration Date: October 18, 2022, is the discovery date of the Colleey shop. The online shopping site was discovered more than four months ago.
  • Malware Score: The Malware count on the store is 29/100.
  • Trust Index: We have an average trust index count of 58.2/100. 
  • Customer Reaction: There are zero Colleey-Shop Reviews on the online review sites. Furthermore, they do not have any trustworthy reviews on their collection. 
  • Social Networks: We have not detected any presence of social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, etc. It seems infamous portal.
  • Missed Data: The genuine location detail and phone number are unavailable.
  • Data Protection: The site aims to protect the data on the site via the HTTPS server. 

Overview of the Colleey Shop! 

Colleey Shop is a popular online shop having various kitchens and housewares, tools for the garden, and electronic accessories. 

  • Nozzle Scraper Set
  • Cloth Electric Scissor
  • Nano Magic Tape
  • Shoe Helper
  • Lightweight Grabber
  • Blanket Quilt with sleeves
  • Mobile Phone Bracket

Specifications as determined in Is Colleey-Shop Scam or Legit

  • URL:
  • Email Id:
  • Location Information: A duplicate location image is available.
  • Telephone Number: Unavailable. 
  • The shop does not have any trustworthy opinions on their stuff. Neither the online portal has shared any opinions. 
  • Return Procedure: The returns can be made within 45 days. 
  • Payment Methods: unfound.
  • Delivery Method: Express shipping takes 7-10 business days. Moreover, the standard delivery is made within 10-16 days.

Positive Highlights

  • The email address is available. 

Negative Highlights

  • The consumer’s reactions are not observed on the clothing stuff of the Colleey Shop. 
  • The social media platforms do not have any accounts. 

Colleey-Shop Reviews

As per our research on various online portals, we found that the Colleey shop has zero availability of any customer reactions on their stuff. They have various collections of housewares, tools, etc, but none of their collection was rated by any customer. Thus, it creates a sense of doubt. Moreover, the site is not available on any social media portal. Hence, we cannot say if it is a trustworthy portal. The reviews and lack of social media accounts make it quite a suspicious store. We should wait more to judge its authenticity. So, Is Colleey-Shop Scam or Legit? The answer is apparent with all the details shared here. All the facts that can save you from PayPal Scamming have been shared here.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up this post, we have shared the reliability of the Colleey Shop. The website seems to be registered more than four months ago. The official store got a phishing count and an average trust index. Hence, we cannot trust the website until more genuine factors are observed. Some sellers can scam you via tricky Credit Card Fraud, so you should learn some ways to prevent it. The readers can learn more updates on the Phone Accessories here. 

Would you like to give your thoughts on the permissibility of the Colleey shop? Kindly give your suggestions in the reply box. 

Is Colleey-Shop Scam or Legit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What sort of collections are offered in the Colleey shop? 

Ans. The store sells housewares, kitchen products, tools for gardens, electronic accessories, and many more.

Q2. Have you searched for any feedback on the Colleey shop? 

Ans. We have not seen any trustworthy consumer reaction to the Colleey shop. Thus, it cannot be trustworthy.

Q3. Does the Colleey shop have any social accounts?

Ans. The Colleey shop does not have any availability on the social media pages. Thus, it seems like an unfriendly portal.

Q4. For how long does their return policy last? 

Ans. The website offers you 45 days to return the product. 

Q5. Is Colleey-Shop Scam or Legit

Ans. The site seems to be the least trustworthy due to poor trustability factors like lifespan and trust index. 

Q6. Does the site have a phishing count? 

Ans. Yes, it got a 20/100 count.

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