Is Clogcollsh com Scam or Legit- Review

Explore the genuine details with a solution for the query, Is Clogcollsh com Scam or Legit. Read the precise data for your judgment.

Did you find fancy footwear attractive? Are you searching for one which will support you with comfort? Clogcollsh is the webpage that has attracted those looking for comfort and fancy footwear. Many visitors to this site are from India. But do you know its legitimacy?

Clogcollsh is trending among buyers now. However, very few took the effort to know its authenticity. If you are the one who is interested in investing in this site, then read more and gather knowledge to ensure, Is Clogcollsh com Scam or Legit


Obtain crucial data on Clogcollsh genuineness:

  • The data found on research mentions that the Clogcollsh got its registration done on 06th May 2023. The page is new in the market, valid till 06th May 2024.
  • The score of this site is very low due to its genuine unverified data.
  • The site does not deliver its service in all countries. It has limited its service to India.
  • The currency used to purchase products on this site is in rupees.
  • The Clogcollsh com Reviews are absent.
  • The site ships its products in the country within five to six days.
  •  All the products are refunded after it is inspected and approved by the team.
  • Refund payments are transferred to their original account within ten days.
  • Cancellation or return of the item is available within fourteen days of delivery.
  • The return of the purchased items is feasible only if the request is done within 30 days of delivery.
  • Communication official contact numbers and locations are unavailable.

Is Clogcollsh com Scam or LegitExplore the essential data from the below details before investing in this site.

Knowledge on Clogcollsh

Clogcollsh is the page that focuses on offering footwear like flips and clogs. There are a variety of options with exclusive designs. The colors are unique and eye-catching. This Indian-based site does not have additional items on another niche.

The details and variety of products are attractive that are grabbing attention. Find its unexplored specifications for judging this site right.

Is Clogcollsh com Scam or Legit: Specifications!

  • The page URL:
  • Official Location: The page did not specify its location to connect with them.
  • Formal phone details: Not mentioned
  • Email for return and support:
  • Each product mentions the original price and the discounted price. It has a huge difference and attracts the customer.
  • The site is currently running with an offer of buy two and has 200 Rs off.
  • The purchase of the product is feasible through net banking, UPI, credit card, and debit cards
  • The offering of return and refund of the product is feasible only if the item is without damage or unworn.
  • Shipping is available for free.

Pros for Clogcollsh com Reviews

  • SSL certificate is available for this site.
  • Each product has detailed specifications.
  • Policies and terms are precise.


  • In the refund policy section, the statement mentioning European Union shipment was contradictory because the page mentions that they offer their service for Indian customers only. 
  • The site has only footwear on its sale page. However, they mention that they do not accept returns of all products and specify the products like flowers, hazardous materials, beauty items, etc.
  • The items on the site do not deliver Worldwide. However, the site mentions free worldwide shipping.
  • Absence of contact details.
  • Very recent in the market and hence hard to trust.

The feedback from buyers

Clogcollsh com Reviews are missing on the products available on the page. Moreover, the items did not receive ratings from satisfied buyers in any other verified review platform.

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The Concluding Note

Clogcollsh is getting attention due to its exclusive design and price. However, its missing relevant information and contradictory statements raise the question of its legitimacy. Hence, we advise you to stay alert before you invest here.

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Is Clogcollsh com Scam or Legit: FAQs

Q1. Is the content on the site unique?

No, it is 100% plagiarised content.

Q2. Is a full refund given after the return?

It depends on the condition they receive the returned products.

Q3. Is the site mentions its achievements over the years?


Q4. Do Clogcollsh delivers the shipment to other countries?

No, it does not, though it mentions that the shipment is free worldwide.

Q5. Is Clogcollsh the original brand?

The brand name is not mentioned throughout the site. Hence, its originality is suspicious.

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