Is Avigd com Scam or Legit- Check The Reviews Now!

This post will discuss whether Is Avigd com Scam or Legit and how we can return and exchange products from this website.

Are you a mother who is looking for baby accessories? Do you buy baby products from online stores? Do you feel safe while buying products from online stores? If yes, you must look for a genuinely affordable baby shop where you can buy baby requirement products at a reasonable price.

Are you looking for a United States-based baby accessories online shop or worldwide? If you buy online, you must keep yourself safe from fraud or scams. Thus, if you plan to buy from the Avigd store, reading Is Avigd com Scam Legit is better. 


Specification on Avigd Legitimacy

Here are some specifications about the Avigd website that will help you to understand its legitimacy.

  • The website domain was created on Sunday 19th, February 2023 12:00 am, which means the domain is young.
  • There is 0 popularity of this website on Google.
  • Any search engine does not blocklist this domain.
  • The website is secure with the HTTP protocol. Thus, your information is safe.
  • The website scored 100 out of 100 in terms of Proximity to Suspicious. 
  • We haven’t found the domain expiry date.
  • The website scores 0% on the trust index scale; thus, it is hard to trust this website.
  • We haven’t found any Avigd com Reviews on social media, websites, or Google.
  • This website scored 33 out of 100 in terms of threat and phishing.
  • There is a 21% chance of spam on this website.
  • The website scored 19 in terms of malware which is a bad score.

What is the Avid Com website?

Avid is a baby accessories online store. This website sells various baby and toddler products at reasonable prices. On this website, you can grab baby knot headbands, multifunctional baby store beg, baby spoon, blanket, and more. However, all these products are at a reasonable price.

The price on the website seems to be unrealistic. Thus, it is important to research further details of the website. To know if it Is Avigd com Scam or Legit read the specification below.

Further details about Avid Com

  • URL- The website URL is
  • Name: The name on the website is not properly mentioned. 
  • Phone Number: The phone number on the website is 442086385417. 
  • Address: The address mentioned on the website is Meledo Company Limited, 372 Southampton Row, Great London, WC 1B SHJ, United Kingdom. 
  • Postal Code- The postal code mentioned on the website is 
  • Email. Address- You can send your query to
  • Shipping Charges- Free shipping on every order above $50. 
  • Return Policy: This website provides a 30-day easy return policy. 
  • Exchange Policy: We haven’t found any information about the product exchange.
  • Avigd com Reviews– We haven’t found any customer reviews on the website, Google, or social media platforms.
  • Payment Mode: They accept all the major payment methods, including PayPal, card, and direct money transfers. 
  • Shipping Policy: The Company takes 10 to 22 working days to deliver your order. 
  • Social Media Presence: The website doesn’t have to dedicate itself to social media platforms.
  • Chat Process: You can only contact them via email address. 

Pros of Avid website

  • They accept all the major payment methods. 

Cons of Avid website

  • Absence of social media platform, review domain expiry.
  • The trust index is 0, which means not good for women’s use. 

Customer’s Review on Is Avigd com Scam or Legit.

The customer’s review plays an important role in understanding the website’s nature. Thus, we have analyzed the website deeply, but we haven’t found the customer’s review on the website. So, it is hard to believe the website authenticity of the website.

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Many red flags indicate that this website is not good for use. It may do some scams or frauds; thus, we advise you not to buy products from this website and check safety tips relating to Paypal scams. You can buy products from reliable online stores.

Is Avigd com Scam or Legit– FAQs

Q1. Can I order without an account on this website? 

Ans. Yes, you can order even without having an account.

Q2. What is the registered company address?

Ans. 11736866 is the registered company address. 

Q3. Do they ship worldwide?

Ans. Yes, they offer worldwide shipping. 

Q4. What are the returning products?

Ans. We are unaware of that as it is not mentioned on the website. 

Q5. Is the address mentioned the same for returning the products?

Ans. No, the mentioned address is not the returning address. 

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