Inversion Table Workout: What You Should Know

Proper workouts should be determined to get the right effect, if you have back pains and spinal issues inversion table workout can be good. You can choose Teeter inversion table, they are FDA approved and they can perform well since they are made with high-quality materials. If you have a spinal issue learn more about the right exercise equipment to use to get a more efficient result. 

Who Does It Help?

The main target of the inversion table workout is people who are experiencing back pain and spinal issues. Since it has mechanical traction that allows joints to decompress, the action can help relieve the target source of the pain. 

1. Rehydrate discs

The separation of the vertebrae increases when inverted, this action allows absorption of moisture from the tissue to the discs. This can result in higher absorption of nutrients as well as plumping the discs for better flexibility and shock absorption. Several actions such as sitting down, exercising, standing, and weight-bearing exercise can squiz the fluid out of your disc making it dehydrated the lose some of its height. Height loss of two inches within your life can be caused by a dehydrated disc, so doing traction exercise can make your spine absorb more moisture and nutrients. 

2. Reduce nerve pressure

The size of the passageway for the nerve roots to exit from the spinal column is related to the height of the disc. A plump hydrated disc helps make maximum clearance to allow proper pressure and pinching of the nerve root. The spinal cord that runs to the spinal column controls the communication between the brain and the spine. The vertebrae along the length of the spine in the passageway created by the discs are where the nerve roots exit. A pinched nerve can result if the disc is dehydrated or if it degenerates. The pain from this condition can radiate to the extremities, using an inversion table workout can lead to hydration of the disc, therefore increasing the height of the disc can increase the separation of the vertebra which can help reduce the pressure and the pinching.

3. Realign the spine

There are several activities that people do every day that can cause the spine to be misaligned and posture changes also occur. Misalignment causes the body to fail to support the body weight, apart from the inner effect on the body the posture change is an obvious effect of the misalignment. Doing an inversion table workout can help fix the misalignment since stretching can aid in returning the alignment in place. 

4. Relax tense muscles

When muscles are tense the circulation is affected and results in a painful back. Stretching the muscle allows circulation to enter the sore muscle. The pain and stiffness of the muscles would subside.

What Are the Risks?

Uncontrolled high blood pressure

Since the method requires you to be upside down during the exercise, there is a tendency for your blood pressure to increase so make sure to get your doctor’s approval before using this exercise equipment. High blood pressure can lead to more complicated conditions so don’t ignore it. 

Spinal fractures 

Improper usage of the inversion table workout equipment can cause spinal fractures and other accidents, therefore make sure to know the proper way to use it. If you are not sure ask a trainer to help you perform the exercises properly and always check the manual. 


For some people being in an inverted position while doing some exercise is not ideal since they suffer headaches. An increase in blood flow to the head is the main cause of headaches. 

Before you use exercise equipment it will always be wise to ask for advice from your doctor and coach since they know better when it comes to proper exercise for certain individuals. They have to know your medical conditions so they know what to recommend. Be honest about your conditions so they can accurately give recommendations that will indeed give a positive effect on your body. Exercise is a need for the body but not all exercises are ideal for every person. So know what your body needs and focus on those criteria to have an effective result and also have a safe exercise routine. 

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