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If you are interested in Industrial Write For Us guest posts for our platform, then read this article until the end to learn about all guidelines.

Are you an expert in a specific industry? Do you feel that you have achieved a stage where you have good knowledge about all the activities in an industry, and with your experience, you can give good knowledge to others who are willing to know more about industries?

Would you like to share a guest post on our platform? Do you want to know the basic guidelines for Industrial Write For Us?

About us:

We are a global knowledge base and commercial platform aiming to publish accurate facts and figures related to various topics that interest our international readers. 

Daily, we publish articles related to the latest and trending news and issues; entertainment, finance, monetary investments and returns, gaming tips, health, business, travel, latest technology, software and applications, cryptocurrency, vehicles, website and product reviews, Etc.

While several businesses, finance, and investment-related articles on our platform give information related to business firms and small-scale companies, our global audience is interested in knowing all the details about industries.

Skill sets required for Write For Us Industrial Guest Post:

The writer of an Industrial post must have excellent written communication skills. He should be able to understand and research well on topics related to industries. 

You need not hold a degree related to the industry, but the experience of working in the industry and as a guest post writer will be an added advantage.

Guidelines for writing Industrial posts:

  • Your write-up should focus on topics related to the industry,
  • Your article should reach the required word limit of 1,000 to 1,500 words,
  • Article content must include two do-followup links, internal and external links.
  • Your write-up should be accompanied by two related images that do not have a copyright,
  • Your Write For Us + Industrial Blog should not contain any advertisement links related to any businesses or products.

SEO guidelines for writing Industrial posts:

  • The content of your article must be free from plagiarism and grammatical errors,
  • Information in the write-up must be ascertained from reliable sources that can be referred to,
  • Your write-up must be written in passive voice and avoid any offensive information, and words like aggressive, religious, impractical, mature, or sensitive words should not be used.
  • Your article must be based on facts and filter out any misinformation,
  • Avoid redundancy and repeated info in your article,
  • The content of your write-up must be organized using bullet points, subheads, and headings,
  • Your Industrial “Write For Us article must contain a reliable and safe conclusion based on the information provided,
  • The write-up should be easy to understand with a high readability score,
  • The content should have consistent keywords placement.

Industrial Topics:

An industry is a group of businesses dealing in a specific line of business/market segment. After setting up a firm or a small-scale business, the entrepreneur needs to focus on becoming part of industry related to the same business segment. As you may know, there are five types of industries, namely:

  1. Primary—deals with processing and extraction of raw materials from natural resources such as agriculture, fishing, mining, Etc. Hence, your Write For Us + “Industrial” post must consider these sectors.
  2. Secondary—Uses output of primary industries for manufacturing finished products.
  3. Tertiary—provides necessary facilities and services for running primary and secondary industries.
  4. Quaternary—It is involved in industry research and development and provides an output that improves functions of industries, for example, customized IT solutions.
  5. Quinary—it deals with industries where human service is involved.

Therefore, your write-up must be based on penetrating as an individual business firm into a specific industry to establish a more comprehensive network and to benefit from the facilities available in the industry segment as a whole, including:

  • Air pollution commutation,
  • Automation of the lapping process,
  • Chemicals, plastics and rubber,
  • Computer-aided design nesting,
  • Industrial Write For Us on computerized and practical algorithm,
  • Computerized plant layout,
  • Design and installation,
  • Design of supply chain management,
  • Efficient allocation of resources,
  • Food, beverage and tobacco,
  • Hydraulic pump,
  • In-process document management system,
  • Inter ferometry,
  • Inventory control,
  • Just in time manufacture,
  • Knowledge-based information system and capp,
  • Machinery, computers and electronics,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Market House,
  • Material handling systems analysis and design,
  • Mathematical model,
  • Mills,
  • Minimization of scrap,
  • Mining,
  • Non-metallic mineral and metal,
  • Optimization in route,
  • Optimization of materials utilization,
  • Other manufactured products,
  • Petroleum and coal,
  • Optimum utilization of manpower, machinery, and energy,
  • Profile projector,
  • Public Utilities,
  • Uncertainty of measurement,
  • Survey of Industries,
  • Textiles, clothing and leather,
  • Transportation equipment,
  • Weighbridge,
  • Wood, paper and printing.

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Benefits of Industrial Write For Us posts:

  • Our platform will allow you to reach thousands of global readers to build your trust and long-term relationships.
  • Your post will be present on this platform indefinitely so that it will gain more traffic over time. 
  • Industry is a very technical and difficult field, so a very small number of posts are available.

Submitting Industrial guest post:

You can send us a sample of your write-up, or you may submit your article for direct publication by emailing it to Please refer to our contact us section for our email address.

Once your post is received, we reserve the right to review, modify, edit, and delete its contents that are not required. Before publishing your article, we will contact you. Once your article is approved for publication, you cannot submit the same write-up to any other platforms.


The Industrial Write For Us posts should give a broader scope of their individual firms and small-scale businesses in the industrial sector. Focus on driving benefits by working with a group of firms sharing common infrastructure and facilities, including marketing and advertisement. You may write a guest post for our platform if you know how a particular industry operates. Refer to the below links for further reference.

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