How to Increase Online Sales With Chat Bots

Statistically, the customer should have a great number of touches with the brand, before making a purchase decision. The quality and frequency of interaction will determine the speed of converting users into leads and the sales scale. In this article, we’ll consider how to optimize and speed up business results with messenger marketing. 

Why do businesses need a chat bot?

As a business scales, the need to automate processes grows. So, most people do not spend time recruiting the initial audience on social networks but buy Instagram followers and other activity metrics, do not immerse in detail in new tasks, but involve SMM specialists, designers, etc. Another effective way to delegate business tasks is to use chat bots. This is software with the help of which you can automate communication with customers and increase sales. 

Bots can help your business solve a number of tasks. If you often have to manually send one-type answers to every customer, a chat bot can free up your time and answer frequently asked questions, as adequately as automate the process of presenting your product, tell more about it, and send useful content.

If you do not respond to the first incoming message from customers for a long time, the chat bot can instantly respond to customer requests, as well as maintain communication with them 24/7, without breaks and days off.

In case you don’t keep a dialog with your customer base, a chat bot can retain your audience and bring it to the deals stage: the bot can share interesting case studies, send lead magnets, and checklists to help make a profitable deal.

Rules for setting up an effective chat bot

A chat bot will solve your tasks effectively if this is well-thought-out and well-designed. First of all, the chat bot should have a clear intention. For example, to fulfill and equip a lead for successive transfer to a projects manager. 

The chain of touches with the user should consist of 15-20 steps. Now, 6-8 is not enough, you need to involve the audience with quality content and useful materials.

Don’t overload the user with huge texts: messages should be concise, clear, and specific.

Provide an opportunity to call a manager for consultation. Add appropriate switches to your statements and react instantly to such proposals.

This tool is just one element of the strategy and for high and stable sales, a comprehensive approach is important: it’s needed to create a strong positioning, buy real Instagram followers, YouTube views, TikTok likes, generate quality content that satisfies the needs of your audience, set up targeted advertising, etc.

You can create not only selling chat bots, the primary goal of which is to submit and swap your merchandise. Today, entertainment chat bots are greatly more influential, which can simply communicate with the stoner, conduct surveys, increasing loyalty and involvement.

To sum up, the chat bot is an effective virtual assistant, which can bring your business to a new level and optimize the two most important resources – time and money.

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