[Updated] How Did Ari Brother Die: Know Reason Behind Kyle Passed Away! Curious To Know Age, Wiki, Biography, Parents, Net worth!

This post on How Did Ari Brother Die reveals the bond of a sister who still carries his brother’s legacy in many forms to let her brother’s name live on.

Is overcoming a loved one’s demise the most challenging thing to do? In reality, most individuals across the United States and other global areas never truly forget or overcome the sadness of departing from their loved ones.

Also, they often modify their lifestyles to honor their loved one’s legacy by pursuing their ambitions and leading their lives. It is what happened to the influencer, Ariana’s life. This post lets us learn more about the incident and How Did Ari Brother Die

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The Reason For Ariana’s Brother’s Death!

Kyle “KJ” Jamison was Ariana Fletcher’s, and he would have turned 33 this year. As per the reports, Ariana was only 18 when his brother Kyle died in 2013. As a reminder of her close relationship with her brother, Ariana has a tattoo of him on her left arm.

Few specifics are available because the model did not go into depth or disclose much about the incident, although it is said that her brother Passed Away from an ailment. Kindly check the social media links in this guide’s last section.

Kyle’s Obituary and Information!

Ari has always tried to keep her late brother Kyle in her mind constantly. Her Instagram account is an example since she named it @therealkylesister. She named it since she didn’t want anyone to talk about her without mentioning her brother’s name.

Her left arm’s tattoo also honors her brother and the Instagram account name. It features her brother’s face to help her remind her of her brother Kyle daily.

Social Media Profiles:

Ariana Fletcher’s Instagram profile, the tribute to her brother Kyle has amassed close to four million followers. Besides, she uses the same terminology throughout her whole social media presence. 

Also, she has left numerous memorials to her deceased brother on the web and claims that she purposefully chose this identity since she wishes his brother’s name to stay forever.  Links are given in the below respective header. 

How Did Ari Brother Die?

The Instagram model and music video star Ariana Fletcher have repeatedly hinted that Kyle, her brother, died tragically while she was a small kid. Ariana never discusses the tragic event in detail or for very long because, as she has mentioned numerous times, doing so would be too traumatic.

She combined many images of her brother with a message she published in May 2022, as well as images of her loudly proclaiming the tattoo of his brother’s face on her left arm.  

Ari’s Net worth in 2022:

According to web sources, Ariana has amassed substantial earnings. She has about one million to five million USD worth of assets. Kyle’s sister seems to be quite well on her path to establishing a successful empire while carrying on her brother’s legacy.

Wiki of Ari’s brother:

  • Real Name- Kyle Jamison (Kyle, KJ)
  • Recognition- Ariana Fletcher’s brother
  • Date of birth- December 7, 1987
  • Date of death- August 30, 2013
  • Zodiac Sign- Sagittarius
  • Gender- Male
  • Ethnicity- African-American
  • Religion- Christianity
  • Nationality-American
  • Age- 16 years
  • Eye color- Brown
  • Hair color- Black
  • Siblings- Ariana Fletcher
  • Parents Erin Fletcher (Mother), Father (unknown) 

Social Media Links:

Note- The information in this post is only to inform users about the bond of a sister for her departed brother and his Biography. We do not provide promotional stuff in our posts.


Kyle was Ariana Fletcher’s brother, who died in 2013 due to illness. His sister carries his legacy in many ways and mentions her brother in everything she does. 

You can check the duo’s bond in the link here.

Does Ariana’s bond touch you for her late brother? Share your thoughts in the box below.

How Did Ari Brother Die: FAQS

Q1. Who was Kyle Jamison?

Kyle Jamison was Ariana Fletcher’s late brother.

Q2. How did Ariana Fletcher’s brother die?

Ariana Fletcher’s brother died due to an illness.

Q3. When did Ari’s brother die?

August 30, 2013

Q4. Who is Kyle’s sister?

Kyle’s sister is Ariana Fletcher.

Q5. What did Ariana do to honor her brother?

Ariana has an Instagram profile in her brother’s name.

Q6. Is the tattoo dedicated to Ariana’s brother?

 Ariana’s tattoo on her left arm is of her brother’s face.

Q7. What was Kyle’s Age at the time of death?

25 years

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