Write for Us Home Decor: Know Our Working Criteria!

The article below will help you gather all the information about the Write for Us Home Décor guest post.

Do you have unique ideas related to the Home Décor? Would you like to share your knowledge with other readers but couldn’t find the appropriate platform to show your skills and writing experience? Don’t worry; we give you the perfect platform to write with us and enjoy the benefits.

However, before deciding anything, there’s one thing that you need to keep in mind, i.e., remembering the guidelines and rules related to the Write for Us Home Décor. Therefore, let’s check out some important factors regarding the write-for-us guest post that will help you gather a worldwide audience.

Who Are We?

We are an established organization that focuses on hiring new writers based on their writing skills and unique ideas on trending topics. We believe everyone should know about home decoration, and that’s why our blogs are related to home decor and similar topics so that the audience can find every piece of knowledge on one website.

So, if you would like to join our hands and show us your writing experience, then without any delay, check out the guidelines and format you need to follow to write a guest post. With our website, you will get a chance to make your work recognized by worldwide readers.

Write for Us + Home Décor– Guidelines!

  • The article should be between 500-1000 words.
  • The guest post should be grammatical error free.
  • No inappropriate or abusive words should be used in the article that could hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • The topic should be unique, and no plagiarism shouldn’t be found.
  • The article should be readable, understandable and interactive for everyone.
  • You need to mention the authentic references/links related to the article.
  • The article should have an appropriate heading and sub-heading related to the main topic to attract the readers.
  • The article’s language should be simple, understandable and follow the active voice.
  • After completing the 80% blog, there should be an external link related to the topic. The crux phrase and the link should be highlighted in bold and green.
  • The write for us guest post shouldn’t be promotion based. Make sure that the guest post should be informative and neutral.

Know the Home Décor Write for Us Blog benefits!

  • Writer can test their writing skills through SERP.
  • You can have a chance to get more audience from Worldwide on the guest post.
  • You can divert the audience on your generated guest post link.
  • Anyone from the home décor business can reach out to you and offer you a full-time job if they like your guest post article.
  • The audience can share your blogs on social media if they find your article unique and innovative. Therefore, it will help you connect with different guest post writers and also improve your reach and engagement.

Check out the trending topics related to the Write for Us Home Décor blog!

  • DIY holiday décor (Christmas, Halloween)
  • Top home décor trends of the season
  • Top flooring trends of the year
  • Colour scheme ideas
  • Minimalist home décor ideas
  • Small space décor ideas
  • Tips of decorating with plants
  • Guest bedroom décor ideas
  • Tips for surviving a home renovation

These are some examples of the trending topics related to the home décor. However, we are open to suggestions if you have a unique and attractive topic.

How do you contact us for the Write for Us Home Décor guest post?

If you have made up your mind and want to try your writing, you can contact us to submit the guest post. However, before contacting us for the submission, ensure you have followed all the guidelines and chosen a trending topic for your guest post.

You can send your article sample to gp.opensquares@gmail.com, and our team will look at the sample. Our team will analyze the topic and check whether everything is according to the guidelines.

If they find everything on point, they will revert you to your Email ID in 24 hours.


We are waiting to check out different guest posts from talented writers worldwide. However, if you have doubts or queries related to the formator the guidelines related to Write for Us Home Décor, you can drop a message on the email ID mentioned above.

Our team will look into your problem and get back to you at the desired time. Also, we have attached a link that will help you better understand the guest post format.

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