What Are Heavy Hitter Vape Cartridges?

Ah, Heavy Hitters. The gold standard of vape cartridges—the ones that consistently deliver the best high, taste, and experience. But unfortunately, some try to pass off fake Heavy Hitters cartridges as the real deal. Don’t let them fool you! Read on for a few tips on spotting a counterfeit Heavy Hitters cartridge.

What are Heavy Hitter vape cartridges?

Originally founded in Los Angeles in 2018, Heavy Hitters has quickly become one of the most sought-after brands in the cannabis industry. Their claim to fame is their ultra-refined cannabis oils and the strong effects their proprietary extraction process produces that remove impurities and deliver a smooth draw without any harshness. 

Their products contain only pure THC distillate and natural terpenes derived from plants. Heavy Hitters’ vape cartridges come with various flavors, such as Alien OG and Gelato 33, that satisfy any connoisseur. 

Check the packaging

First things first, always check the packaging when you purchase your Heavy Hitters cartridge. 

What to look for on the packaging:

  • Legit cartridges come in silver boxes with a metallic label that lists strain information and other pertinent details about the product. 
  • Authenticity sticker with a serial number that you can use to verify your purchase online. 
  • The packaging also features security seals and childproof locks. 

If the box doesn’t have one of these stickers or looks suspicious, it’s probably a fake! 

If you receive a package without any of these features or if the design seems sloppy or off-brand, there’s a good chance it needs to be authentic. It’s always important to order cannabis products through trusted online retailers that offer same-day delivery.

Additionally, keep an eye out for spelling mistakes or inconsistent fonts—these are signs that your product might be counterfeit. 

Look at the label

The label on a Heavy Hitters cartridge should look crisp and clean like it was professionally printed by someone who knows what they’re doing (which is usually not the case with fakes). 

It should also be securely attached to the cartridge and feature strain information such as THC percentage and flavor profile. Checking the ingredients list on your cart can help you determine whether or not it is an authentic product from Heavy Hitters. 

All genuine products will have only natural ingredients, such as vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, cannabis oil concentrate, etc. At the same time, counterfeit versions may include artificial flavors or other additives that should not be present in authentic products from this company. 

Most importantly, it should list all necessary state-mandated warnings about cannabis consumption so that consumers know exactly what they’re getting into before using the product. Ensure you know what the laws of your state are on cannabis; that way, you will know if these Heavy Hitter vapes are authentic and follow your state’s laws. 

Pay attention to performance

The performance of a legitimate Heavy Hitters cartridge speaks for itself—the hits are smooth and flavorful without any harshness or burning sensation in your throat or lungs. Fake carts tend to perform poorly, creating an unpleasant experience for users. 

So if you take a hit from what is supposed to be a legit Heavy Hitters cartridge and it tastes funky or burns too hot, chances are it could be more authentic! 

The cartridge itself

At first glance, authentic Heavy Hitters cartridges look like any other vape cartridge on the market. But if you take a closer look at some key details, some differences will help you tell them apart from fakes.

Authentic Heavy Hitters cartridges feature a gold-plated tip and an engraved logo along the side of the cartridge. Fake cartridges usually have generic plastic tips and no engravings or stamps. Additionally, authentic cartridges will always contain distillate oil (THC distillate). 

At the same time, many fake versions use oil made from plant material instead of distillate oil which may lack terpenes and other vital compounds found in cannabis plants.

Fake versions of popular products like Heavy Hitters exist because people want to make quick money off unsuspecting consumers who don’t know any better. By following these simple tips—you can easily spot fake Heavy Hitters vape cartridges and avoid being scammed by ordering your Heavy Hitter through a trusted online dispensary like Grassdoor today! Stay safe out there, and happy vaping!

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