Top 8 Sources to Make Less Spelling and Grammar Mistakes in Your Essay

Many students today are overwhelmed with the question, “how can I write a high-quality text with no mistakes in it?” The answer is very explicit: you need to be extra alert to prevent flaws in the essay during the writing or editing processes. Some of you who face difficulties in this type of academic assignment like to read additional sources for students. These sources can be guides on how to write a high-quality essay or general studying recommendations.

If you are a student who likes an individual approach, you may check for an essay writing helper. This type of help can give you a better understanding of how to write with a smaller number of mistakes in the text. In our article, we have collected the top eight sources that will simplify your writing process and give you good prompts on corrections.

1. LanguageTool

This is a beautiful version of a web checker that can help writers improve their style, grammar, and spelling. Afterward, you will type a text in a particular field and see the suggestions system gives to you. Select the type of English language you want to process to get a more precise result. The tool works with American, British, Canadian, South Africa, Australian, and New Zealand varieties of language.

2. Trinka

Trinka is a correction tool from India that works both online and as a Word plug-in. Get advanced writing suggestions based on your discipline terminology. This grammar checker provides various packages, from free usage to paid premium features. The basic fee includes checking for 30,000 words per month, which is a sufficient amount for personal use.

3. Hemingway App

If you want to make your essay a concise and readable text, welcome to the Hemingway App. This editor proposes to use simpler alternatives for lengthy sentences and improves the tone of the narration. The interface of the design’s goal is to simplify the writing process. Just mouse over the highlighted text and see the prompts of how you can enhance your writing.

4. Small SEO Tools

The editing process in Small SEO Tools is very simple. All customers need to do is paste the text and click “Check Grammar.” The colored phrases help you to see details on potential corrections. Use the text of your essay to see whether Small SEO Tools can detect the issues.

5. Grammar

This grammar checker is very simple in usage and helps students determine sentence structure accuracy in an essay. This tool can teach you how to correct errors and create text of any complexity with no effort. The web version of this app supports many languages, including English. Also, you can add an extension to your Chrome browser to check texts automatically.

6. Reverso Speller

Reverso Speller can quickly boost your writing with online advice on spelling and grammar. What can be better than having perfect phrases in your essay? Simply nothing! Deliver your idea clearly with tips Reverso gives you on word usage (synonyms) and meanings.

7. Grammarly

This app is one of the most fabulous web tools today to improve any type of text in English. Check the delivery tone, engagement of your audience, clarity of your style, and text correctness. Grammarly works on various platforms such as Windows, Android, or iOS. With a built-in keyboard, you can prevent mistakes in your text typing offline. Track sentence suggestions and make your writing better and more understandable.

8. Ginger

This app helps you to polish the grammar of your essay with no trouble. Select the US or UK dialect to customize improvement suggestions to your text. Syntax and other types of grammatical flaws will be easily improved in a clear interface.


What do you think of grammar checkers? Please, note that they are not perfect, but they are helpful to minimize flaws in the text of your essay. Meanwhile, these eight tools are essential to try before sending your essay to the teacher. More useful tools can be found here. Never stop mastering your English grammar to have good luck with educational achievements!

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