Getting Leads on Social Media: 5 Working Techniques

There will be no growth in your business without a good plan for generating leads. And to attract them, you can use dozens of different channels. 

When selling something to people, there is a high chance of reaching out to them through social media channels. 

Social media allows for achieving great results and generating many leads, and you can easily convert them into actual paying customers. What is more, the strategy allows creating brand awareness and boosting sales.

This article will walk you through the best lead generation tactics you should try on social media.

Why do businesses turn to social media when working with leads?

Social networks require minimum resources and effectively help with different business purposes:

  • building brand awareness;
  • easily reaching out to customers;
  • boosting website traffic.

The best lead-generating tactics to use on social media

Two criteria can be used to determine the best tactics to implement in your business: the potential impact and potential cost. Both factors can be rated on a scale from one to ten. Rate them and then add two numbers together. The strategies with the highest indexes are your tools to go.

Now, let’s review those criteria. 

To evaluate the potential impact, you should estimate the return on investment of the tactic and understand how it will contribute to lead gathering. Simply said, answer the main question: will it be resultative? 

Then, estimate the cost. How much effort and budget are required to put this strategy into action. The higher the price, the less rating this strategy will get.

Let’s consider a few tactics that work for any business. 

  • Create call-to-action buttons

In lead nurturing, you always have that point where you need your customers to perform some actions. For instance, subscribe to a newsletter, visit the website, download a free book, or fill out the form. 

Social media allows doing it effortlessly. By sharing engaging content or asking directly, you can get customers to subscribe, follow you or buy your product. 

  • Create clickable content

This one supports the previous idea. The point is, that you can ask people to subscribe to the newsletter, or you can create compelling content and convince them that this weekly newsletter will provide them with valuable information so that they want to subscribe. 

Produce creative content that will be easy to get, pleasant to read, attractive to consume, and worthy of clicking.

  • Use Paid Ads

Paid advertising proved its effectiveness in driving leads through social networks. Let’s use the example of LinkedIn to understand the concept of paid ads better. For instance, the LinkedIn ad contains a signup button. When clicking, a user receives the form already pre-filled with some personal information taken from the profile. Then it redirects the user to the website or other specific sources. But the major benefit — you receive the information from the lead and can import it to CRM to run a follow-up sequence. 

However, to boost an efficient ad campaign, you need a good market database with names. Luckily, you don’t have to flip through accounts for hours creating long lists of prospects. Spend minutes instead with the assistance of a tool like Linked Helper. With the LinkedIn lead generation automation tool, you can collect contact information and necessary details about companies or individuals to create a database. And with this strong asset, you can create more accurate target ads and automatically receive better results. 

  • Use compelling offers

“Contact us today” or “find out more” kinds of offers do not work anymore. Those are weak offers that won’t bring you any leads.

Check out these several tips on qualifying leads converting:

  • Free trials. People can’t know your product is good enough until they try it. That is why we suggest giving them a free trial for evaluation and building a personal opinion.

  • Product demos. Demos are similar to free trials. Whenever the client shows interest n your product, supply them with a demo and deliver an immediate experience.

  • Webinars and free calls. Webinars work for both educational and selling purposes. Thanks to them people learn more about the product. For more personal communication, initiate an introductory call. A 15-minute talk will help establish a connection and convince the client to make a purchase.
  • Build a community

A community of customers and admirers allows both sides to stay connected. Online communities are vital because they help remain sustainable in the market. It is like having an army of loyal customers who will fight for the reputation of your brand.

The key point — you should respect and value your customers. Give them space to share their voice, they should have the ability to share their opinions. It’ll boost engagement and activity online. 

Within the community, potential customers can get introduced to the actual clients and learn about the product from the real experience. Plus, you get the chance to interact with customers more and build strong relationships based on trust and authority.

To conclude

Social media platforms can become a goldmine for lead generation. Ensure that the tactics and goals you plan to implement are attainable and align with the resources and means that you have.

Remember — your customers expect attention. So be active and constantly engage with your community by listening carefully to its members.

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