[Updated] Gary Plauche Kills Jeff Doucet: Check Full Information On Gary Plauche Video Footage Audio

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Have you heard about Jeff Doucet’s murder case? Do you know who killed him? The Jeff Doucet murder case frightened the public. The murder took place several decades back but some people are still stuck with the case. Numerous people from the Philippines, Argentina, and the United Kingdom are still unaware of this murder. This article will give you exact information about it.

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Gary Plauche murdered Jeff Doucet

The news of 16 March 1984 stunned the public around the world. Jeff Doucet was killed on 16 March 1984. Jeff Doucet was killed by Gary Plauche who was an American man. The case went viral when the video of the murder was displayed on several news sites. On the charge of murder, Gary Plauche was sentenced to seven years along with five years of probation. He was also given three hundred hours of community service.

Plauche responded a murder that he was right in his place and also said that anyone at his place would have done the same thing. 

Gary Plauche Video Footage Audio

Jeff Doucet kidnapped the son of Gary Plauche. On complaining, police searched his son Jody and he was found in the motel with Jeff Doucet. Jody was returned to his family on 1 March 1984. On 16 March 1984, reached Louisiana for his trial. The news crew was recording his reach at the airport. At the same time, Gary Killed Jeff, and the whole incident was recorded. 

The video of the incident was recorded by a news crew as they were waiting for Jeff when he arrived to face the trial. The video clearly shows how Gary shot Jeff in the head and he eventually fell. 

Why Gary Plauche Kills Jeff Doucet?

Gary Plauche killed Jeff Doucet as he kidnapped his child and performed some inappropriate acts with him. On 14 February 1984, Jody Plauche the son of Gary Plauche was kidnapped by Jeff Doucet. Jeff Doucet was the karate coach of Jody who was 25 years old. On finding that Jeff has kidnapped him, the cops instantly reached the motel and arrested Jeff.

After Jody went to his home, his father Gary Plauche had heard the reports that his child was physically assaulted by Jeff. Due to this, Gary Plauche killed Jeff Doucet. On Killing Jeff, Gary later said that everyone in his place would have done the same thing.

What does the Gary Plauche Video Footage Audio include? 

The footage shows the love murder of Jeffrey Doucet by Gary Plauche. The video shows that Jeff Doucet was handcuffed by the police and was taken through the airport. Meanwhile, Gary was already waiting for him. He was talking to his best friend and was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap so that no one can recognize him.

The time Jeff along with the police was passed by Gary, he took his rifle and shot him in the right side of the head. Jeff immediately fell and blood started flowing from his ears. He went into a coma and the next day he died. The police ran to Plauche and recognized him.

The aftermath of Gary Plauche Kills Jeff Doucet 

Gary Plauche was primarily charged with second-degree murder. He pleaded no contest to manslaughter and agreed to a plea bargain. He was also sentenced to 7 years of suspended sentence, 300 hours of community service, and 5 years of probation that ended in 1989. Plauche’s case was also supported by the psychological reports which stated that months before the kidnapping Jody has been assaulted by his instructor Jeff Doucet. 

Plauche was examined by a psychiatrist and they told that Gary was unable to identify the difference between wrong and right at the time he killed Jeff. Gary Plauche, at the age of 67, told in an interview about Gary Plauche Kills Jeff Doucet, that he don’t regret killing Jeff Doucet.

Where to find the video of Jeff Doucet’s murder?

Jeff Doucet was murdered in an airport in front of a news crew and cops. The news crew was already capturing the arrival of Jeff Doucet for trial, meanwhile, Gary Plauche shot him and the whole incident was captured on camera. The video recording of the murder went viral on several social media platforms. The video is still available on social media accounts. 

You can watch the video on social media portals like Twitter or YouTube. The full video of the murder is available and you can observe the whole incident. People who are sensitive towards content like Gary Plauche Video Footage Audio should not watch the video as it could harm them.

Disclaimer: The post describes details of a murder that happened a few decades earlier. The information published here is taken from authentic online sources. The video footage of the incidents is not for the people who could get disturbed by the footage. If you are highly delicate towards such content, so kindly avoid watching it. 

In a nutshell

Visit this link to learn more details about Gary Plauche’s video footage.

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Gary Plauche Kills Jeff Doucet: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Gary Plauche?

Ans. Gary Plauche was an American man who publically killed Jeff Doucet who was the culprit of his child’s assault.

Q2. Who kidnapped the son of Gary Plauche?

Ans. Gary Plauche’s son Jody was kidnapped by his karate instructor Jeff Doucet who assaulted him for several months before kidnapping.

Q3. Where did Gary Plauche kill Jeff Doucet?

Ans. Gary Plauche killed Jeff Doucet as he assaulted his son for several months  Gary shot Jeff at the airport while he was returning for trial.

Q4. Is Gary Plauche alive?

Ans. Glary Plauche is not alive. He passed away in 2014.

Q5. Where to find the Gary Plauche Kills Jeff Doucet video?

Ans. The murder video is available on social media platforms like YouTube or Twitter.

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