Filepursute Com: Is It Legit or Scam? What Does Website Review Reveals? Checkout Here!

In this article, we will inform you about Filepursute Com reality. Gather all the information and reality on its legitimacy.

Do you find difficulty in finding any file-related information on the internet? Do you like watching movies and downloading them for free? Multiple times people find difficulty getting any information on file directly from the source, so to ease the problem, many AI applications are available to resolve your problems.

A trending website from India does a tremendous job of helping people to get the file of their choice directly with the help of an AI solution. So to find the proclamation of FilePursuit, we need to understand the website Filepursute Com.



It is software that allows users to search any files, videos, audio, ebooks, and other necessary services and download the content through the internet. You can also check out the latest search from the website in the discover section.

The exciting part is that the Filepursuit.Com application is also available on the Play Store and Galaxy store.

Unlike other file explorers, the AI of is very powerful, and within a few seconds, it quickly gives the best result all over the internet. You can also get additional information from the discord link of, which is available on the website.

Facts that can prove whether is Legit or Scam

With the help of a few essential details and data from, we can identify whether the website is legit or a scam.

  • Domain age: The website seems old and has been available online for the last 6 years and 3 months
  • Domain creation date: 27 September 2016
  • Domain expiration date: 27 September 2027.
  • Email Id:
  • Alexa ranking: 28286
  • Trust score: com obtained a reliable trust score of 93%.
  • Customer reviews: Customer reviews are available on the Play stores and social media.
  • Play Store rating: FilePursuit app Play Store rating is 3.8 star.
  • Social media links: The software is connected with Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, discord, Messenger, Telegram, etc.

What do Website Reviewsay!?

The website does not contain any reviews on the web page, but social platforms like Play Store and Facebook etc. have multiple reviews regarding the website. There are positive reviews regarding the AI program of the FilePursuit, but many people do not like the service.

Overall the website has both positive and negative feedback available in the form of customer reviews.

How to use

You can type in your reference file or attach a link in the search box, then press the search button to get the related files. In Filepursute Com, you can search both specific files and related keywords that will give direct or subordinate links to your search.

Social media links

Final verdict is AI Technology software that reduces your difficulty in searching any file on the internet. With the help of the software, you directly open the file you are looking for and you can also download the movies and songs for free.

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Filepursute Com: FAQs

Q1 Does anyone report this website as a scam?

There is no fraud report.

Q2 Does the website contain any reviews?

The website does not share any reviews, but its social link does have reviews.

Q3 How many social handles are available?

Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp etc.

Q4 How can we connect to the customer service of

You can visit the discord page of

Q5 Is FilePursuitLegit or Scam platform?

Considering all the details, the website is legit.

Q6 Is the FilePursuit app available for the app store?

No, the software is only available for the Play Store.

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