Ezra Frisch Train Video Leaked On Twitter: Viral On Reddit Tiktok Instagram

Ezra Frisch Train Video Leaked on Twitter is currently trending in this digital world, and he is the paralympic athlete who won people’s hearts with his hard work and mind-blowing training videos.

His real name is Ezra Frech, and this boy was born without his left leg and some of his left-hand fingers. But he was born with a robust and determined heart to lead his life inspiringly.

Ezra Frisch Train Video Leaked On Twitter has become the most famous paralympic candidate worldwide, winning many gold medals and making his parents and mother prouder.

He often used to post his training videos, and they went viral on the internet today.

Ezra Frisch Train Video Leaked on Twitter and Instagram

Here, the term train video refers to the training video of the great athlete Ezra. Ezra Frisch (Erza Frech) is an American paralympic athlete born on May 11, 2005.

Being born as a disabled guy, Erza faced lots of difficulties. So, he underwent medical treatment to fix his handicapped body by placing a prosthetic leg for his movements. 

But Ezra doesn’t stop himself from just walking; he wants to become a great sports player, so his ambition is to win gold medals in the Paralympic games, and he trained hard for that. So, he became a talented high jump and long jump player. 

Occasionally, his training video will be featured on many sports-related channels. One training video popped up on Twitter and Instagram this time, making people wonder about Ezra.

Ezra Frisch Train Video Leaked on Twitter and Instagram
Ezra Frisch Train Video Leaked on Twitter and Instagram

Viral On Reddit and Telegram

Ezra Frech has also maintained his viral image on Reddit. Many sports lovers shared his iconic jumping movements and his training videos on their viral account pages, and we could see lots of threads commenting about the greatness of Ezra. 

However, we couldn’t find any information about Ezra and his training or competition videos on the Telegram channel. Thus, to get the real picture of Ezra’s training and sports achievements, The Reddit platform is the correct platform for that.

In addition, we can see people’s views about our paralympic star excellently over there.

Viral On Reddit and Telegram
Viral On Reddit and Telegram

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Availability of the Ezra YouTube training video

Ezra’s training videos are flooding the YouTube platform, but he is not running his YouTube channel. But his videos have been featured on sports channels like Paralympic Games and Angel Sports City, and his videos can also be seen on many inspirational channels like NowThisImpact, the Ellen Show, etc.

In addition to his training videos, we can see his iconic jumping moments, awarding moments, and biography-related videos.

Availability of the Ezra YouTube training video
Availability of the Ezra YouTube training video

Facts about the viral Tiktok star Ezra 

  • Ezra Frech is a guy from the American region. Still, his ethnic roots are crossed across Iran and a Jewish country because his mother is from an Iranian Jewish family, and his father follows Judaism. Thus, it denotes that Ezra was from a mixed ethnic group. 
  • And he was born on May 11, 2005, so his age is about 19 years as of 2024.
  • His mother is a famous actress named Bahar Soomekh, and his father’s name is Clayton Frech. Ezra has two siblings, and he is the eldest of the three.
  • He was born with a missing knee and fibula, so doctors advised placing the prosthetic legs when he was just 11 months old.
  • At the age of 8, Ezra entered into his sports career, and till now, he has won two silver medals at Parapan American games for his long jump and high jump.
  • Ezra Frech won a gold medal at the World Championship and Junior championship for his high jump event.

Therefore, Eza is determined to rule the sports world with his strong will, power, and hard work.

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