[Uncensored] Emily Hillstrom Ontario: Is She Working at Maple Leaf Sports? Is The Current Work Status Updated On Instagram & LinkedIn Mlse? Read Now!

In this article, we have provided all the essential information about Emily Hillstrom Ontario, and how she could have got the job at MLSE.

Have you heard the recent news involving Emily Hillstorm and John Tray? This news is spreading like wildfire, and people from Canada and other countries are willing to know all about this case and Emily Hillstorm. As this news was a total shock, netizens wanted to know how it happened and brief information on Emily.

If you are wondering the same, then we have your back. In this article, we will inform the readers all about Emily Hillstrom Ontario.

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Why are people talking about Emily Hillstrom?

Emily Hillstrom has become a hot topic to talk about because she is currently involved in the controversial topic of her and John Tory. According to the reports, she and the former Mayor of Toronto were having an affair.

As per the statement by John Tory, the affair started during the COVID-19 pandemic and this year, and they mutually ended the relationship.

What is the reason behind the Emily Hillstrom LinkedIn Mlse?

Firstly, Emily worked as a tour adviser, and John Tory as her tour advisor in 2019. But after all the fuss about her and John Tory, she no longer does that job. People searched for Emily Hillstrom’s LinkedIn account to learn more about her and where she is currently working.

As per the sources, Emily Hillstrom is currently working at MLSE, which came out as a shock to some netizens. People also pointed out how she got a well-paid job so easily at MLSE, and they think it’s all connected with John Tory.

Emily Hillstrom Maple Leaf Sports

Now that people know the fact that Emily has got a job as a Special Projects Advisor at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and according to them, here are some facts that should be known to the public

  • Rogers Communications owns 37.55% of MLSE 
  • On the Rogers control, Trust John Tory sits as an Advisor
  • Rogers has 100% control over ownership of the partnership interest

Information on Emily Hillstrom Instagram Account

  • Emily’s Instagram account is active and has not been deleted yet
  • On Instagram, Emily Hillstrom has 1,895 followers, and she follows 819 people
  • In total, she has posted 108 photos there, and a recent photo she posted on 6 February was of her with her dog 
  • No one has reached out to her comment section to ask about the controversy between her and John Tray.

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The Final Words

Emily Hillstrom is in the spotlight because she was having an affair with the former Mayer John Tray and suddenly got the job at MLSE. 

Do you think John Tray has helped her with the MLSE job? Comment down.

Emily Hillstrom Maple Leaf Sports (FAQs)

1- How do people get to know about her MLSE job?

A- Apparently, her job profile is posted on the MLSE employee site. 

2- Has Emily stated anything about how she got the job?

A- No, she has not shared any information about it.

3- How old are Emily Hillstorm and John Tory?

A-Emily is 31 years old, and John Tory is 68.

4-Where did Emily and John visit in the EU Mission

A- They both visited London, Denmark, Copenhagen, and England.

5-Is Emily Hillstrom Instagram account private?

A- No, it’s a public account; anyone can see her profile and posts.

6-When did the EU mission start and end?

A- It continued from 5 October 2019 to 14 October 2019.

7-Where did Tory state about the affair?

A- In a news conference.

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