Don Carlos Bukidnon Video: What It Stabbing Incident? Check Unknown Facts Now!

This article discusses the viral Don Carlos Bukidnon Video case details and further the scenario, including the parties’ identity.

Are you aware of the stabbing incident of Don Carlos Bukidnon, and why is the case video getting viral online? People share and widely discuss the incident in Don Carlos and the viral video. The case is gaining popularity among internet users and is also used to identify the culprit’s identity. 

This incident happened in the Don Carlos of the Philippines. Examine the post in detail and look at the links for further guidance about Don Carlos Bukidnon Videowhich has recently been viral on social media. Stay connected for further updates on the case.


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What is the Don Carlos Bukidnon incident video? 

Sources claimed that the incident occurred on 11th March 2023 at Don Carlos Bukidnon, 9, Poblacion Sur, Purak 9, around 3 pm when a 22-year-old young college girl argued with her boyfriend. After the argument, the man got angry and resorted to violence and stabbing the girl.

The Don Carlos Bukidnon Stabbing Incident video shows the girl’s brutal beating. Later, she was taken to the hospital but was declared dead by the doctors. The incident was recorded on CCTV and leaked on the internet, and people reacted very strongly to the whole scenario. The link is provided for further reference. 

What are the recent updates on the case? 

The police officials provided their official statement in the media. They conveyed that the suspect had tried to escape but was caught and is currently under the arrest of the police as a suspect in Don Carlos Bukidnon Video stabbing video. The officials further revealed that the man was an addict to narcotics. 

Who was the victim of the stabbing? 

As per the sources, the victim of the violence is found to be a college student Kimberly Achas who was 22 years old, and the suspect is her partner Edson Campo Jamisula, a 27-year-old jobless man. The man taped and stabbed the girl multiple times.

What was the cause of the argument between the couple? 

The whole argument heated up when the girl wanted to breastfeed their 9-month child, and the man refused to, resulting in the Don Carlos Bukidnon Video incident.

What are the public opinions on the leaked footage? 

After the clip leaked on the internet, netizens expressed their hate and anger towards the man and domestic violence. The public is demanding strict actions to be taken against the person responsible.

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The investigation is ongoing, and the suspect is not declared guilty of his crimes. But it is highly unlikely for him to be free, as the man can be seen in the video. 

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Don Carlos Bukidnon Video: FAQs

Q1. When did the incident take place? 

The incident occurred on 11th March 2023 at Don Carlos. 

Q2. Who was the victim and suspected in the incident? 

The victim is confirmed to be a college student Kimberly Achas, and the suspect is Edson Campo Jamisula, a jobless man.

Q3. Are both parties involved in a relationship? 

According to reports, both Kemberly and Edson were in a live-in relationship.

Q4. What are the investigation reports? 

Upon investigation, the girl and man got into an argument resulting in the man stabbing the girl. 

Q5. Why is the Don Carlos Bukidnon Video getting viral? 

CCTV footage of the incident has been found and is circulating online.

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