DJ Sumbody Death Pics: What Happened To South Africa Bodyguard? Know About His Girlfriend, Children, Wife & Parents! Is He Married? What’s Trending on Twitter?

Description- The article discusses the recent murder case of DJ Sumbody and also describes other situations like DJ Sumbody Death Pics and updates on the issue. 

Do you know why DJ Sumbody’s news is trending on the internet? The information is trending because some deadliest pictures were uploaded on social media. Millions of people have seen the pictures.

 DJ Sumbody, aka Oupa Sefoke killed by a gunman in South Africa. In this incident, one of his bodyguards also died. We need to check the news of DJ Sumbody Death Pics.


Disclaimer: We don’t support this kind of news. But due to the news item, we need to publish this news from various trusted sources and media reports. You can also check the social media links for the same. 

The Death Reason

As per the police report, Sumbody was travelling to Woodmead when an unidentified gunman fired bullets at him and his bodyguard. DJ died on the spot. His bodyguard was also killed in this incident. 

Police are now starting the investigation. Meanwhile, many people trying to find out his obituary and funeral news. Many people have shared their condolences, and the funeral news will be updated in a few days.

Twitter News

Many of his fans shared the news on social media. While checking this social media account, we find out the information on this platform. The report was uploaded on 21 November 2022 at 9:11 PM.

Update on the News 

In the meanwhile, people are asking about What Happened To DJ. Even the family spokesperson of DJ Mr Mmanake Mokitmi is not commenting on the issue. As the investigation goes on, the information still needs to be disclosed.


Update on the News 

The Other Information about Sumbody

While we search about his family, we find that his father’s name is Sefoka and his mother’s name is Mrs Sefoka. DJ also has a sister and a brother. His sister’s name is Chantel Sefoka. 

Sumbody was unmarried; therefore, he had no wife or children. And we are still waiting to hear news of his relationship status or data on the Girlfriend. His net worth is around two million USD.

Some Data of Sumbody

  • Name/ Full Name- Oupa John Sefoka 
  • Nickname- DJ, Sumbody 
  • Date of Birth- 9 June between 1977-1981
  • Age- 41 to 44 years 
  • Profession- DJ artist, musician 
  • Zodiac Sign- Gemini
  • Birthplace- Pretoria
  • Nationality- South Africa 
  • Married or Unmarried- Unmarried 
  • Wife Name- Don’t arise 
  • Partner Name- Not available. 

The Family and Education

Subody has competed for his primary-level education at Sunnyside Primary School. After finishing school, he joined Bokgoni Technical High School. The sources also said Sumbody attended the Tshwane University of Technology.

It is said Sumbody’s Parents always supported him in his career. As ethnicity is a concern, Sumbody had mixed race and believed in Christin’s faith. DJ Sumbody was the owner of the music company “Sumsounds Music”. 

He also helped to release many famous songs with celebrity artists and musicians such as NSFAS, Mrs Zulu, The Kulture etc. Some of the songs are really famous in the present time.

Social Media Links

It is reported that DJ Sumbody was much active on social media. Check his social media link.





We have discussed the primary reasons for Sumbody’s death, and the aftermath. You can also check the video link to learn more about him.

DJ Sumbody Death Pics– FAQ 

1) What is the full name of Sumbody? 

Oupa John Sefoka

2) How he died?

By an unknown gunman.

3) What was his profession?

DJ Artist, and singer.

4) Was he married?


5) What is the name of the company of DJ?


6) What was his religious faith?

DJ was a Christian character.

7) Is the investigaton going on?

Police are doing the investigation the case.

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