Creed Actor Arrested: Who Creed Actor? Who Is The Wife Of Jonathan Majors? Explore The Reason For His Arrest

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Have you read the top headlines of last week? If you read top stories of news, then you must have read about the news on Jonathan Majors. The news is circulating in the United States and everyone wants to know why was Creed Actor Arrested. In this post, we will be uncovering all the necessary details of his arrest. If you are trying to reach the crucial details on the arrest of the Creed actor, kindly read it here.


Why was the Creed III actor arrested?

As per online sources, Creed III actor, Jonathan Majors was arrested last week on the charge of domestic violence and assault. The actor was relieved from custody on Saturday Night. A 30-year-old lady had filed a complaint against Jonathon for assaulting her. As per the police department of New York, they received a call at around 11:14. The lady was in poor condition and had injuries on her neck and head.

Who Creed Actor: Reason For His Arrest!

The popular actor of Creed III, Jonathan Majors, who had been seen in a recently released film with Michael B Jordan was arrested last week. As per the online reports, a complaint was filed by a young 30-year-old lady. She blamed Jonathan for assaulting her and for strangulation. A case under domestic violence has been charged against him. However, his lawyer tried to save him by telling that the actor is innocent and he is a victim of a woman’s altercation. However, the actor was released from custody on Saturday Night, but the matter is still unresolved.

It is unknown if the lady was his Girlfriend. Nothing has been updated about his relationship with the woman. We will reveal once the truth will be out.

DISCLAIMER: We do not target anyone in this post. Neither we want to comment on anybody’s personal life. This post is written for informative purposes and to update online readers about the latest report on Jonathan Majors.

What did the opposition say on this matter?

As per online sources, the woman’s attorney said that they have several pieces of evidence like eye-witness, driver’s testimony, CCTV footage of where this incident had taken place, and written statements from the lady. The woman had multiple injuries on her neck and head. Although Creed Actor Arrested last week, his attorney said that he is innocent and had not done anything wrong.

The truth is yet to be revealed and it will be disclosed soon. So, stay tuned with us for more regular updates.


Summing up this post, we have shared all valuable details on the recent news of Jonathon Majors. You can read the reason for his arrest here and other crucial details are also shared here.

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Creed Actor Arrested: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Jonathan Majors?

Ans. Jonathan Majors is a popular stat in America. He is an actor who first made his appearance in The Last Black Man.

Q2. When was Jonathan Majors born?

Ans. He was born on September 7, 1989.

Q3. What is the trending update on Jonathan Majors?

Ans. As per online sources, Jonathan Majors had been charged with domestic violence, assault, and strangulation by a lady.

Q4. Was Jonathan innocent?

Ans. No final judgment has been passed by the court.

Q5. Who is the Wife of Jonathan Majors?

Ans. He is not married to anyone yet.

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